Horror Nerd- DISCO STYLE

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I’m stoked to be back on LA’s top horrorshow, HORROR NERD at the Melrose Improv on Friday, Sept 15th! Host and horror nerd Samantha Hale books a hot show of comics, drag queens, and funny horror fans to chill and thrill ya- this thing sells out so book your tickets HERE!

LA WOMAN- A Love Letter To The 90’s

L.A. WOMAN is back with a brand new show, A LOVE LETTER TO THE 90’s. Join us as we celebrate the decade that gave us everything we love: Spice Girls, Clueless, and Britney Spears.

This is a night of music, comedy, dance, and performance art, all brought to you by L.A.’s finest femme performers.

So put on your butterfly clips, blast your Backstreet Boys CD, and get ready to relive the 90’s at L.A. WOMAN!

I’m doing a special extended interpretation of one of my favorite songs- did you know I play guitar? I sort of do! This will be a special perfomance exclusive to this show. This thing sells out- buy your tickets now!

If you know me, hit me up for a special friends discount! Tickets HERE!



AH DENVER! You love your hiking gear and your dog-friendly microbreweries and your stand up comedy! I love you!

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Comedy at Harlowe!

It’s a very good night with some REALLY funny comics. I’m headlining, because everyone else wants to leave early. That’s OK. My friends Valerie Tosi and Jeff May will be there, Canadian sweetheart Debra Digiovanni, the amazing Subhah Agarwahl, and the lovely and hilarious Fizaa Dosani. What would you pay for a show like this, with headliner Virginia Jones? A million Ape Coin? Well, would you believe this show is FREE at Harlowe? My God, what a beautiful world it is!


Vesta Vaingloria on a couch

FROM JOSEPH SMITH TO ROBERT SMITH: Virginia Jones Talks Comedy, Mormonism, and Feminism on Open Graves

On the latest episode of Heather Noel and Vesta Vaingloria’s podcast, Open Graves, known goth Virginia Jones opens up about her life as a comedian, Mormon, and feminist.

Jones discusses about how her Mormon upbringing influenced her comedy. “I grew up in France, so Mormonism made me feel like an outcast on top of being an outcast-I moved to the States from France as a cult member who also talked funny.”

“I’m a feminist because I believe in equality for all people,” Jones said. “Although, as Animal Farm points out, some people are more equal than others.”

Jones is a talented comedian and a role model for young Goth women everywhere. Her appearance on Open Graves was a fun, but extremely dark and gothic, visit.

If you haven’t listened to Open Graves yet, I highly recommend it. It’s a great podcast with engaging hosts. You can find it on most major podcast platforms!

The Return of Valley Girl!

posters of valley girl and modern girls

It’s no secret that I love the films Valley Girl and Modern Girls. On the 40th anniversary of the former, The New Bev celebrated the genre of female-led 80’s films set in Los Angeles with a lively double feature.


I felt very lucky to get a seat at the sold-out screening. Valley Girl was as much fun as ever. I have never seen it on the big screen, and it was extra fun. The vertigo of Julie’s driving test, the backstage karate action at prom, the heat of a young Nicholas Cage at his dreamiest- all delightfully larger than life. The eternal tale of first love, of star-crossed lovers, stays as current as the clothes and haircuts don’t.

After the first feature, we got a brief Q&A by the legendary director, Martha Coolidge, and most of the cast. Deborah Foreman was there, Josie Cotton was there, the bassist from the Plimsouls, and all of Julie’s stuck-up friends. They all talked about how completely shoestring and indie the movie was. They all wore each others’ clothes, they loved the music of the time, and they made an unexpected hit that changed all of their lives.

I enjoyed the Sparks on the soundtrack, and although the Plimsouls appear to constantly be playing the Central, Chuck E. Weiss is listed on the calendar as upcoming.

It’s also one of Quentin Tarantino’s favorite romantic comedies, which would make perfect sense.

Modern Girls

Then, it was time for Modern GIrls. Sadly, the theater dumped out before the screening of one of my favorite not-very-good films. However, I still enjoyed watching it with the thirty nerds that remained. The co-author, Anita Rosenberg, and Virginia Madsen were appearing tonight, but you can’t be everywhere.

Modern Girls takes place three years after Valley Girl, and the girls involved might be the older sisters of Julie’s. They’re not visiting Hollywood, they live there. And they wouldn’t be caught DEAD in the Valley.

Some trainspotting between the two films- they both have Toni Basil songs on the soundtracks. The hit, Oh, Mickey, is in Valley Girl. Girl’s Night Out plays over the getting dressed montage in Modern Girls. They both feature strips of 80’s Sunset and Melrose, and, oddly- they both reference the “plastics” joke from The Graduate. Only Modern Girls has a Hamlet, reference, though. Super silly and lots of fun, beginning to end.