Meet Hacky Sack

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I have decided when I start performing live again it will be as a mediocre white man. I envy the way they promote each other, and back each other up in times of trouble. They’re friends to the end, even if their friend is a pedophile. They don’t have to be that funny, because they support each other and raise each other up. Meet Hacky Sack. I will only be writing for, and performing as, him in the future.

Andrew Max Levy Shoot

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virginia jones in a mask photographer andrew max levy plus size comic bowie shirt
Photo credit Andrew Max Levy

Andrew Max Levy, a talented guy, @justoffthesix on Instagram, has been photographing LA comics and comedy shows for years. He recently made an offer to photograph Angelenos who had donated to #blacklivesmatter, and scheduled over 70 shoots. I was so glad to be part of an important fundraiser and get some nice shots.

virginia jones bowie shirt universal standard skirt plus size fashion
This ensemble is all the shit I bought to make myself feel better. Many of these items have never left the house before. Photo credit Andrew Max Levy.

Fashion Tips For A Hot (Covid) Girl Summer!

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Most of us have upgraded from our first disposable surgical masks or, if you were lucky, the N95, which  was such a hot fashion item in March.

Now, we have an assortment of fabric masks in a fun array of colors and textures.  Our friends have made them, our moms have made them, maybe we’ve made them.  We’ve graduated from starting every outing by tying a bandanna around our faces like Jesse James. We’ve hit Etsy to get a mask with Batman or Hamilton on it, or any fandom except Harry Potter because fuck that lady!   But how do we refresh our look for a long, hot isolated Summer?

Tip 1: Remember sunscreen!  It may feel safe to go out with sunglasses and a mask on, but if you don’t use sunscreen, your tan is gonna make you look like a reverse Panda bear.

Tip 2: For fun, coordinate your mask with your swimsuit, your sneakers, or the sweatpants you’ve been wearing for 150 days in a row!

Tip 3: You can wear a lined mask in breezy summer fabrics like poplin and broadcloth, do a printed floral for a flirty, feminine touch, or stick with canvas or denim for a practical, DIY look.  Anything but mesh and organza is great!  

Tip 4: If your mask looks boring, and/or you’ve gone insane, accessorize with sequins, rhinestones, or studs!  Not grommets, though.  Grommets are bad.

Tip 5: Cut up those band tees you’ve outgrown or gotten bleach on and make a mask by hand!  Now, everyone at the Trader Joe’s can tell you like Belle and Sebastian or Sebadoh!  Maybe you can put a band together on Zoom!  Super cool.

Tip 6: If you don’t like wearing a mask, or don’t think you can breathe with one on, stay home!  If you want to go grocery shopping without a mask, order groceries online!  If you think the rules that apply to everyone else don’t apply to you, stay home and do a podcast, you fucking narcissist!  Stay the fuck home!