Virginia Jones got to appear on the CALL ME CURIOUS podcast this Halloween, on the topic- Have adults taken over Halloween? You can listen here or anywhere you find podcasts. They booked me with another goth, the amazing Linus Owens, an academic who studies the role of Halloween in American society, and who writes on how a pagan holiday was adopted as a way for kids to get candy, and how young adults use it to try on identities. Anyways it’s a fun listen, take it from Virginia Jones, goth!


Altercation Comedy Festival

I’m headed to Austin for my first Altercation Comedy Festival next week, with my friends Jackie Kashian, Mike Weibe, the McCuewans, Kate Willett, Eddie Pepitone, Andy Iwancio, Henry Phillips, and secret headliner Todd Glass! I’m doing a set at a house party on Friday, Oct 21st at 7 (see my Insta for details) and hosting the Henry Phillips show at 9 at Kick Butt Coffee! Yes, it’s just that fancy! Tickets here


Official Poster with Illegible Name

I’ll be headed back down to Austin, Texas, the Portland of the South, in October. I’m there to do the Altercation Comedy Festival. I’ll be performing with my friends Eddie Pepitone, Andy Iwancio, Jackie Kashian, Chad Opitz, Emmett Montgomery, and lots of other Austin and Seattle friends.

Kate Willett from SF will be there, and my friend Mike Weibe and Avery Moore, and all kindsa great acts. Hit the link for more info!

Tickets are on sale now!


flyer for horror nerd with virginia jones

Halloween’s coming! And with that in mind, HORROR NERD is also coming! This August, it’s a witch-themed show featuring Jackie Steele, Samantha Hale, Allusia, Subhah Agarwal, and me! Tickets are HERE!


LA’s coolest all-femme variety show, LA WOMAN, pays tribute to the Purple One. Check it out on Sunday, April 24 at 7PM at the Virgil.

Booker Nina Storm has been working for months on assembling comics, dancers, and musicians inspired by Prince Rogers Nelson. We’re gonna have a ton of fun and you should join us! I will be playing guitar onstage, a rare treat that few have survived! Tickets here!


BURN THIS PANDEMIC is a comedy show raising money for SELAH homeless charities

The inimitable Brandie Posey is raising money for SELAH with this comedy show. A roster of comedy all-stars will do short sets of pandemic jokes! The list includes the amazing Jamie Loftus, Chris Estrada, Greg Edwards, Ify Nwadiwe, and lots more! RSVP here!