Adventures in Lyft #202041:

Adventures in Lyft Driving:

I had a short drive with a Thai dude this morning and after a brief chat, I asked him-

Me:OK, I’ve been to Bangkok but I only know sa wa dee ka, hello, and kop-khun ka, thank you. Will you teach me another expression in Thai?
Him: How do you know I am Thai?
Me: Your name has thirty letters in it and most of them are k’s and t’s. Will you teach me to say “good-bye?”
Him: OK, I’ll teach you the formal one: it’s Chan rak khun.
Me: OK, I know khun.
Him: That means you.
Me: OK, cool, so it’s like “goodbye to you”. Like the Scandal song.
Him: Yes, lemme hear you say it.
Me: Chan..rak..khun!
Him: That’s very good!
Me: Thank you! Here’s your destination! Kop khun and chan rak khun!
Him: You’re welcome and I love you too!
Me: Dying laughing. That asshole.

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