Press Kit!

Dear All;

Although the concept of writing down nice things that people have told me is anathema to my whole personality, I need to get a press kit from somewheres!

“I don’t know why she tells jokes at all, when she can dance like that”- Bryan Cook

This is very sweet, and also lets me know that I should start dancing for money, which there are many opportunities to do in my previous home, Portland, OR.  I mentioned this to Rylee Newton and she advised, “It’s not too soon.  Nobody’s gonna say, who’s that teen stripper?”

“Virginia will take any excuse to take her clothes off at a party.” – John Graham.  Not a compliment exactly, but still, it was said.

“You’re very funny!”- Maria Bamford.  An unexpected bit of kindness from a mad genius that I have the utmost respect for.

“You have timing, and that can’t be taught”- Ron Bennington, of the Ron & Fez show

“Formerly known as the queen of Portland Comedy!” -Whitney Streed

“Oh, she’s not a genius.  Did she tell you that?” – My mother

“Virginia doesn’t wear too much makeup- just enough that it looks like a parrot exploded in front of her face!” -Richie Stratton

It’s true, and I feel bad for the parrot.

I’m also pleased to report I have been nominated by Barfly Magazine, an esteemed and revered publication, as Portland’s Funniest Comic for the second year running, despite not living in Portland any longer.

Well, thanks for listening.  It’s almost like having friends!

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