Nostalgia Post- Portland Over Mics of the Past!

Edit: I have mothballed this page, since I have moved out of Portland- please see the amazing PDX comedy blog for more updated information!

I have had some questions lately about where people can see free and enjoyable local comedy, or where they should go to perform some, and although I try hard not to have anything useful on this page, I am too lazy to write things down for people and would like to have something on the internet.

Monday Nights:

Boiler Room with Kevin Michael-Moore, 503-227-5441. NW 3rd and Davis.
This is the longest-running open mic in Portland.  It is celebrating its ninth anniversary!  It’s old enough to earn its own money!  To maintain quality, the bulk of this show is now PREBOOKED, contact Kevin by phone or on Facebook – but you can also show up at 8:30 and try to get on one of the limited available slots! Kevin Michael-Moore is an amazing emcee.  Kevin doesn’t take any shit, and keeps the chitchat to a minimum.

Tuesday Nights:

Suki’s, at SW 4th and Carruthers. 9:30-forever. Host Jimmy Newstetter!
This is a fun room in the dive bar in the basement of Travelodge. The comics believe that sitting in the small cul-de-sac room is the same thing as being in a soundproof box. Dax is skilled and funny, and this is the hands-DOWN best place to be ignored by your friends while they talk about who threw up in whose car, and also who has pot.


The Brody Improv downtown is hosting a regular mic on Wednesday nights!  Show at 8:30!  Contact Tom Johnson at before Wednesday to sign up!  No cover!

Dante’s, W Burnside and 2nd.  Rochelle Love is at Dante’s running a mike from 8:30 to 10 on Tuesdays!  No cover!
HELIUM at SE 9th and Hawthorne has a free open mic- sign-up is between 6 and 7, line-up posted at 7:30, show starts at 8!  Work out your chops at a pro venue!
There’s a late-night open mike at Tonic after Whitney Streed’s 8pm showcase!  Come on out and sign on up!


Curious Comedy is adding a second open mike on first and third Thursdays, with hosts Jen Allen and Mandie Allietta!  It starts at 9:30 and is free, signup is on email in advance, so find those gals on Facebook!

The Bulldog Tavern on West Burnside runs an open mike whenever the 8 o’clock showcase is over, show up and ask for Brady!


The Brody Theatre has added a second free open mike after their 8:30 Fly Ass Jokes showcase- contact Tom Johnson before 3PM Friday to reserve a slot-!  No cover, starts around 10:00!

Saturday Night:

The Hungry Tiger, Too has a new comedy open mike on Saturday nights!  Sign-up is at 9:30, the show’s at 10.  Rotating Hosts.  Go and look to see who looks annoyed, and attempt to sign up with them!

Sunday Nights:

HARVEY’S Comedy Club is re-introducing their open mike on Sundays on the MAINSTAGE at 9:00!  Signup starts at the side bar at 8- Come show them what you’ve got!
A biweekly Sunday night mic at 9PM at the beautiful Curious Comedy Theatre on MLK, hosted by myself!  5225 NE MLK!  This mike just turned two, and the next one is Sunday, November 13th!  Free For All, Fun For Most!
The Grand Cafe is starting a late Sunday mike at 10!  Go look for the red-headed kid, Jacob Christopher!  He’ll sign you up, and there might be karaoke after your set!
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11 thoughts on “Nostalgia Post- Portland Over Mics of the Past!

  1. Great info. Thanks for posting it. Are there currently any Open Mics on Thursday nights that you know of?

  2. Sweet. Thanks so much for the info. Your site is the only useful guide to comedy in Portland I#39;ve found. I also found this bi-weekly open mic at the Brody Theater. I don#39;t know much about the venues in the area. Have you ever performed there?

  3. I have heard about the Brody but did not know they had made it a regular thing! I love teh Brody and its ubermensch Brad Fortier. Anyways, thanks for enjoying, and come say hi to me of you see me at a mic!

  4. Up to the second info- Veronica says Mt. Tabor is nor ready to restart this Thursday- check this space for more details.

  5. Hi…I am a grandmother in her 60s who is trying out standup comedy in my retirement years. Would there be a place in Portland that would give me a try? Also how long do you usually perform…5 minutes, 10? Thank you. I like your website…someday I would love to have one of my own.

  6. Hi Bette! I think that the Curious mic might be a good fit for your first mic, because it is in a theatre, and not a bar. Any open mic in Portland operates on a first come, first serve basis. The Boiler Room and Suki’s offer five minute sets, my mic is three minutes. The next mic is on May 23rd and it will be hosted by my friend and the Curious co-founder Stacey. Have fun!

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