Nick Cave Push The Sky Away: Your Questions Answered!

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at the Fonda Theatre: Setlist (spoiler alert):
Push the Sky Away (played the whole album with children’s choir and string section, with Nick singing about hookers and lady snatch in front of eight year olds from Silverlake, because he’s Nick Fucking Cave is why

It’s a lovely record. Some amazing Warren Ellis loops on it. Atmospheric. Everyone enjoyed it and clapped politely. Of course, when he tore into the best of, the aging goth crowd went apeshit. You know how it goes.

From her to eternity
O Children
The Ship Song
Jack the ripper
Red right hand
O Deanna
Love letter
Mercy seat
Stagger lee

And yes, he’s had hairplugs since the last time I saw him live.

And yes, he’s shaved the Evil Cowpoke moustache.

And yes, the children’s choir started shifting around and getting restless, even though they were onstage with a legend, because children are children.

And yes, nobody loves a satin shirt with pearl snaps like Nick Cave.

And yes, if your dancing is peppered with karate kicks, that means you’re from Australia.

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