Battling Queen Dorises!

The time has come to talk of many things, but mostly about what we’re being for Halloween.

I have, in my possession, an awesome wig made by 2guysfromvegas, and I’m watching and rewatching the amazing film Forbidden Zone. Her name is Queen Doris, and she’s more drag queen than woman, or else she’s more woman than this universe can handle.

Of course, the thing that I love about the internet is the opportunity to meet up with like minds-I said something on Youtube about planning to dress as Doris, and I met the lovely Asunder33, who shared this photo with me:

Now, she is going for the colorized and remastered Doris, which is awesome, and in later shots it’s evident that her eye makeup glows in black light, which is also superb.  I went for the black-and-white Doris, because that’s what we had on our many-times-watched VHS copy of the film.

Postscript: This costume took on a bittersweet quality when we lost Susan Tyrrell in 2012, who had become my Facebook friend when the lovely Meggie Nicole sent her my Halloween photo. 

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