Getting Squirrelly in Kennewick

I just spent three delightful days in the Kennewick/Richland/Pasco area, doing comedy at Joker’s, opening for the fantastic Susan Rice. More importantly, I found this 50’s era rubber squirrel lamp. Here he is in his native habitat: in an antique store, between clackity teeth and a jeweled coin purse.

Spouse thinks he might be a bootleg/miscolored Flower, the skunk from Bambi, which might increase its resale value by as much as fifty cents.

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One thought on “Getting Squirrelly in Kennewick

  1. Oh my ! I’ve searched for years on end to find the nightlamp we grew up with —– and here he is !!!! I’m so thrilled to actually see one again. We use to fight over who got to have “Peri” stay in their room… we three each got equal time over the many years we had him.Not sure whatever became of ours but we continue to search for one to grace our childhood memories….and I’m sure we’d still have to draw straws for who gets what time with him.

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