Gothic American!


I’m so excited to announce the release of my first album on Itunes today!

You can also buy a lovely autographed CD from me with additional art from Pete Ellison!

If you’ve ever wondered what I think about Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson, feminism, catfood, Hot Topic, Northern White Rhinos, Dallas, Texas, Youtube, or gay rights, they’re all here!  This record was recorded at the Complex, and if you were there, maybe you can hear your laugh!

Buy it, rate it, share it, love it, send it to your Mom, and most of all, pay me money for it!


  1. $7- you can have the record on Bandcamp!  Right away!
  2. $10- you can have the record on digital from Itunes, on CD, or both and if you buy a CD I’ll autograph it and I’ll think good things about you.
  3. $30- you get the record and you can buy me lunch
  4. $40- you get the record and I’ll buy you lunch
  5. $50- you get the record, and you can tell people you’re my friend, both on social media and in life.
  6. $60- you get the record, I’ll take you out singing karaoke and some of my social cachet could rub off on you!
  7. $70- You get the record and I’ll lend you something out of my closet and you can wear it and everything!  There’s restrictions on this.  Nothing with a European label.  Don’t be ridiculous.
  8. $100- Matching tattoos.  Dealer’s choice.  Something small.
  9. $1000- We can get married.  No paperwork, ceremony and photo session only.  Also, an autographed CD to remember our special day with!

THANK YOU for your support, THANK YOU for buying my record, and THANK YOU for being you.

Smile- GLENDALIA LOVES YOU!” title=”glendalia11b”>

GLENDALIA LOVES YOU! Come be our Valentine, along with:

Chuck Sklar– As seen on Conan O’ Brien and Chris Rock!
Jon Huck- Live at Gotham, Comedy Central
Andy Peters– EXCLAMATION MARK album, winner of Rocky Mountain Laugh Off
Alysia Wood– Winner- America’s Next Funniest, LCS!
Kyle Shire– Flappers’ regular, number one in your hearts
Adam Gropman– SF Punchline, The Comedy Store, Improv
Cat Rhinehart-LAUGHS TV, overall hilarious lady

and your lovely hosts, Dax Jordan and Virginia Jones!

No Cover!

Two lottery spots for visiting comics!

We’re excited to bring you another free night of LA’s finest comedians in a goth bar in Glendale- here’s the Facebook invite page!


GLENDALIA5Finally!  We are reunited for GLENDALIA!  Dax returns to bring his mighty presence back to the Complex on Tuesday, October 14th at Complex, 806 E Colorado St, Glendale, CA! Reunited, and it feels so good!  We have fun!  The event is here!

*Dax’s return has been greatly overstated. By Dax.