Ladies and Gentlemen, Start your Freakout.

The 6th Annual Bridgetown Comedy Festival has announced its performer’s roster, and it is a doozy.

Headlining the show will be the incomparable genius Dana Gould, the incredible musician/comedian/charisma generator Reggie Watts, and the amazing Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz, responsible for the world’s best science show, Look Around You. 

You may know Peter from Shaun of the Dead, or if you’re a little nerdy, the story of how John Lennon invented the Apple Ipod, The BeatleBox, or if you’re really beyond help, you’ll know him as the voice of Darth Maul.

Founding Father Matt Braunger is back, after another year of great shows, and an incredible hit film on Vine, “This is Ridiculous, Poor Pickles”, starring a bulldog being carried around like a sack of potatoes while Kyle Kinane yells in the background.  Well, it was a hit with me.

Howard Kremer will astound you with his magic.  Not literal magic, but comedy magic.  He doesn’t do actual magic, because he’s not an a-hole.

Personal Hero Laura Kightlinger is on board, who has been funny and hot since it was fucking INVENTED.

Baron Vaughn talks faster than anyone can think.  He is mind-melting.

Guy Branum is a GENIUS on the stage and a SHOWGIRL on the dance floor and a A LADY in the bedroom.

Kurt Braunohler is a very funny gentleman who’s only been in LA long enough to do one juice cleanse.

Eliza Skinner is smart and talented and my god she makes me laugh until my stomach hurts. 

Bridgetown is excited and charmed to welcome back the amazing Todd Glass!  We’ve missed him to PIECES!

Matt Kirschen came to us on Last Comic Standing, and will bring some more hi-larious international flavor.

Andy Haynes just got married to co-attendee Alice Wetterlund, let’s see if they’re still funny.  They probably are.

Brandie Posey is back to kick ass, she’s a hilarious comic in El Lay, which we call Los Angeles, because we live there and stuff.

Robert Buscemi spends so much time telling me how funny he is, some of it has just got to be true.

Dave McDonough is a deadpan freak whom I had the honor of hauling around in my 96 Jetta when we competed in the Seattle International Comedy Competition together.

The Amazing Cameron Esposito is funny and charming and has amazing hair.

Stacey Hallal is a funny lady and we have been arguing about whether or not improv is funny for, like, four years.

Xander Deveaux is having his Bridgetown premiere, and he is very funny and will do the debutante bow thing where his forehead touches the floor. (postscript: he wound up being a very screwed up addict who attacked some persons and is persona non grata)

I’m honored and excited to be at my 6th Bridgetown!

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