Camp KP3D

So, I was out in the Catskills, and we made movies with our phones, and played with a dog, and sat around a campfire, and heard all about chemtrails.  Thanks to everyone.

This is the film I made about the history of the campsite, Cold Spring Lodge.

Here is a post with all our movies, they make mine make a little more sense but not much more.

Thanks to all.

Thanks go to:

Thanks to Pony for teaching me the eternal optimism of the little dog at the dinner table.
Thanks to Lisa Beth Johnson for making me want to throw up by putting tinfoil in her own mouth, and also for lending Sofiya a dance dress
Thanks to Sofiya Alexandra for being my best girl, but reminding me that Todd is always around to steal my best girl
Thanks to Brandon Vaughn for letting me know I should never take him to Brunch, and for never being more than one moment from mentioning Wolverine or Anne Rice
Thanks to Dennis DiClaudio for filming my clown obsession projected from his own brain, and for teaching me that odes to gothgirls and sea shanties should both be waltzes
Thanks to Matt Tobey for his amazing acting and joke writing.  Like, wow.
Thanks to Franky Pelvis for letting me sing A-Ha and Bowie and Pixies/JAMC with him, and letting me play his guitar when I whined about it, and in general for rocking
Thanks to Mike Wiebe for making me feel like a woman.
Thanks to Jason Roeder for teaching me to walk like a man.
Thanks to Josh Abraham for being me cameraman and wingman, and for drawing me as a drag Cruella De Vil.
Thanks to Todd Sentz for teaching me what it might be, after all
Thanks to Steve Douglass for helping me write the women’s lib porn that’s gonna set the industry on its ear.
Thanks to Ahm Seventysix for being the roommate who listens to the much cooler dead person, and for teaching me what a well-orchestrated look is.
Thanks to Darci Ratliff for your amazing work, games, Mad-Libs, organization, and for bringing us together.
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