Renpho, The Little Robot That Rubs Your Feet

renpho shiatsu foot massager

Renpho Shiatsu Foot Massager: This is a little robot who massages your feet.

It looks like a Volkswagen New Beetle from the front. You put your feet deep into the robot. There are removable and washable black liners so you can’t see the robot as it rubs your feet. Perhaps the robot is shy. Maybe it’s just weird to see a robot touching your feet.

There are three intensity settings for compression and massage, and an option for heat, which was really relaxing. You can pick 15 minute or 30 minute massage programs, and you can change intensity and pressure levels at any time.

It’s a nice massage, like you’d get in a massage chair but just for your feet. It makes a whirring and beeping sound that aggravates my dog, or maybe he’s just upset that the robot doesn’t rub his feet.

His feet are too small for the robot. Do not put dog feet into the robot.

My feet felt so good and relaxed afterwards, and they felt even better when I woke up in the morning, like they had been aligned, stretched and were ready for adventure. It’s a little spa treatment you can have at home!

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