I Got A Sticker- What Now?

sticker virginia jones badinia

So you have a sticker that says Badinia.com, and it led you here. Maybe you found it at a bus stop. Maybe it was slipped between the pages of a poorly-reviewed sexy vampire book. Maybe you went to a comedy show and a slightly unhinged person forced it into your hands, and you took it because it was shiny. What happens now?

This is your introduction to the world of comedian Virginia Jones. Welcome. You can do anything here- or rather, anything she wants you to do. You can look at a map of everywhere she’s ever performed comedy. You can listen to her album, Gothic American. You can see where she’s playing next. You can check out the quote plugin at the bottom of the page, in which wisdom resides. You can follow her on TikTok. Or you can just, I don’t know. Hang out.

Marcella Arguello’s Women Crush Wednesdays

women crush wednesdays flyer by Jamie Loftus Marcella Arguello Virginia Jones

The delightful, gorgeous, and extremely mean Marcella Arguello works her ass off to book LA’s best female comics on Women Crush Wednesdays!  I’m so excited to be on this week’s show, which you should absolutely come see!