O Canada!

I almost don’t want to mention my “Labour” day weekend in Canada for fear that others will think I’m all snobby and too good for them.

I like any kind of international travel I can do in our Volvo.  I was there for the Vancouver International Tap Festival, but I tell cool people that I was there for A Scooter Rally Called George, which was simultaneously occurring.

Tap dancing is fun, and affords one the opportunity to step really hard on one’s own foot that rarely comes up in day to day life.   Also, you can make a lot of noise with your feet. I enjoyed classes from Jazz-Tap clown prince Josh Hilberman, although he cost me a toenail and caused me to interact with 10 year old tap prodigies. If there’s anything worse than children, it’s really cute and talented children.

This is the mad, mad world of downtown parking. You have to be able to count, tell time, and know what day it is while you’re parallel parking, which is not as difficult as figuring out how much you’re paying for gas in liters and loonies. Eventually, we just left the car with a dozen Loonies stuck in the windshield to ward off parking ticket fairies. I kind of like getting a ticket in Canada, because that means I have something to put my gum in when I’m done chewing it. We were near the “hip” walk-around-shopping-and-looking-at-hookers-area, Gastown, named for the founder Gassy Jack, whom I don’t want to know any more about.   They also feature a steam-powered clock!