Grandpa Won’t Wake Up!

Grandpa Won’t Wake Up

My friends Simon Max Hill and Shannon Wheeler of Too Much Coffee Man, the comic and Too Much Coffee Man, the opera, have come together to create a book about the delight, whimsy, and the deep, deep cruelty and sadism of childhood, entitled Grandpa Won’t Wake Up.  It is available on Amazon and in any fine bookstores where books which will f*ck up your children are sold.

  I was privy to a live reading of the book, fresh off the presses, by the author in the company of the illustrator, because I am a special person, and because the three of us happened to be standing around in front of La Merde in the daytime, like hoboes.  You will probably just have to order a copy on Amazon.  It is very funny, and will be a good way to explain death, transvestism, Nazis, and devil worship to the little ones in your life.