The World Is Changing! Ask Per Mo How!

Peroxide Mocha are all about love. The love between a boy and a girl (not like THAT). And the love of a boy and girl for music . Love has seen them through highschool, military service, video gaming, inter-state relocation and many other adventures that have got them to this, the eleventh year of their existence as a band.

And through all of this, Pete and Rachel – for they are Peroxide Mocha – have created a series of home-made records that sound like nobody else, and which have winged their way around the world through post and internet and recommendation into the collection of a diverse and loving set of fans.

Pete and Rachel met in highschool in Sequim, Washington, in 1997 and recorded their first EP that very same week. After rejecting names like Salmon-Cherry Casserole and Don’t Touch My Moustache, they decided on Peroxide Mocha, and an era began. Their album Sit Down And Wait To Be Seated was released the following year. Vital Peroxide Mocha themes were mapped out, including sex, drugs, sarcasm, Japanese sweets and what it’s like to think someone is neat. Themes that were to be developed over a series of albums that would fall together over the next few years each time Pete and Rachel managed to simultaneously find time to sit down, fire up the PC and let the songs pop out.

Though Pete’s quirky beats and Rachel’s nonchalant delivery and funny lyrics were limited at first by the fact that neither had any idea how a record should be made, people who heard the results of their work tended to loved it, and played it to yet more people. The duo discovered that there were kindred spirits all over the world – people who think pocky is important and recycling is funny. People who got such a collective crush on the music that each new Peroxide Mocha album has now become a keenly-anticipated event for that small but very lovely club of people who Know.

Which brings us to Making Out With Strangers. Now in their 11th year as a band, Pete and Rachel are older, wiser and a bit more educated in how a record should be made – but they are still as nonchalant and natural as ever, and have managed to avoid building any desire to sound like anyone other than Peroxide Mocha. So while the sounds on this record might be a bit tougher, a bit slicker, the kind of thing that electro and eclectic DJs all over the world will find perfect for rocking a wide variety of dancefloors with, this is still the Peroxide Mocha we all love, the Peroxide Mocha who remind us that the tiny details of life can be stranger and more important than we’d imagined, that horrible things can be funny and funny things can be horrible, and that the word “frigidaire” deserves pride of place in the construction of popular songs. This is Peroxide Mocha, and they bring you love.
*swiped from their CD Baby Write-up!

My Favorite Things To Do On The Internet

Peroxide Mocha ponder the fragility of our existence.

1. Flickr-snooping: I like to look at picture sets of friend’s parties that I was not invited to. Alternate Name:*Snort* THAT hors d’oeuvre does not look very delicious.
2. Ex-Boyfriend-Googling: A classic, although I was sad to find that an ex had killed himself. Breaking up *is* hard to do.
3. Find My Own Death Announcements: When your name is Virginia Jones, you die several times a month. My family’s OK.
4. Myspace Hatin’: Not possible on Facebook, which is why it is still inferior in my eyes. I don’t want to be your friend, I just want to look at you and feel better that you don’t want to talk to me ever again!
5. Taking mental illness quizzes: I know for certain that I do not have a shopping compulsion. Everything else depends on the day.
6. OTHER STALKING VARIATIONS: Now, we all stalk enemies and exes, because it’s fun. But have you considered checking your own Youtube clip, obsessively, to see if people are watching/commenting on it? How about commenting on someone else’s clip that you like, and then checking back to see if other people think you comment on something you thought was funny was ALSO funny? How about writing a review of a product or service and checking on that, say, a hundred times? Just doing the cyber version of riding your bike past its house, all day- “Do other people love Kindle as much as I do? Do they like my parody song, Kindle in the Wind?”
It’s a big Internet! Get creative! What else can we do with free time, a negative attitude, and a 3G connection?

Ten Thousand!

Well, it’s been coming for several weeks now, and I’ve been trying to think of something clever to write about it and have failed miserably. Happy 10,000 website hits, everybody! Google will probably buy me out soon. It’s been great!
P.S. I’m happy to say that the bestest band ever, Peroxide Mocha, is back in action after four quiet years- click on the picture above to hear their inspirational song, “Good Ideas.”