The Most Powerful Hairspray Known To Man

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I don’t know the last time I was just an out-and-out shill for something, but I was pretty excited to pick up a container of GOTH JUICE last weekend, the new hairstyling product from Lush. It’s purple, it’s powerful, and it’s inspired (along with a companion product called King of the Mods) by the fantastic UK comedy, The Mighty Boosh.  Each tub claims it was “Made from the Tears of Robert Smith.”

Confidential to Gabe Dinger and Pete Ellison: Robert Smith is *still* not a member of the Smiths. Oddly, none of them were called Smith, which makes them the opposite of the Ramones, who were all named Ramone.


I loved this product and used it when my hair was short, and then one day, I went to Lush to pick some more up and my friend Andrea, who is now the lead singer of Holy Grove and is great, had to comfort me because I was crying in a soap store.  Loving something means one day you will lose it.

The Girl Can’t Help It.

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I’ve tried to resist posting this for a couple of days, because I don’t necessarily think that a blurry Youtube box makes for a compelling post, but I just think that having it on my website will improve my quality of life. I ran across the handsome and talented Mr. Julian Barratt in a kind of stupidly surreal ad for UK wine coolers, including a fake Frida Kahlo and an eyepatch of dubious necessity.  Boosh lovers, enjoy.