Bridgetown Appeteaser!

Dear Comedy Fans;

The website for the Bridgetown Comedy Festival is roaring back to life, and some very exciting acts have been posted!   When all is said and done, 175 comics will be participating in total!

Some of my favorites:

The amazing Margaret Cho, who is still trying to get a green light for her sitcom, “Cho ‘Nuff.”

Kristen Schaal from The Daily Show and Flight of the Conchords, who is incredibly funny and weird- she’s voicing a character on Bob’s Burgers, and I got to see some of the sketch that she does with Kurt Braunohler at the Women In Comedy Festival in Boston and found it to be uniquely voiced and wonderful!

Trevor Moore and the rest of Whitest Kids U’Know will be joining new Portland resident Timmy Williams to perform at the Festival!

Portland favorite Doug Benson will be there, bringing his favorite hoody and his best friend/bodyguard/karate expert Graham Elwood!

Sean Cullen, the amazing Canadian song stylist and comedy talent, will bring his beautiful man-voice and smart absurdism.

Kyle Kinane returns to build the legend!   If you have not heard his record, Death of the Party, it is fricking amazing.  His comedy has changed mine.  Screw accessibility!

Hannibal Buress is back, he’s been doing some cameos on 30 Rock (a show he writes on, no big deal) that have comedy nerds shivering with joy, like puppies with distemper.  He’s the most deadpan human alive.

Pete Holmes is a Bridgetown premiere, hot off a Conan appearance, voicing a baby who sells stocks on the internet, and two appearances on John Oliver’s stand-up show!

The inimitable Moshe Kasher is hanging and will be intimidating me all the time.

W. Kamau Bell returns to a city he thinks doesn’t like him, and will be doing a special show with Comedy Against The Machine, including the amazing Hari Kondabolu and my adorable friend Janine Brito!

(Did you know I met Janine in Hong Kong?  It’s true.  That’s where we met.)

Last Comic Standing import Matt Kirshen is coming all the way from the yew kayy to crack wise!

Former SNL writer and Onion contributor Mike Drucker will be here, he’s amazingly funny and cerebral- he has worked with Brian Posehn and Patton Oswalt this year, and has also hung out with my dogs!

The incredibly talented Jesse Case is returning to eat veggie dogs and crack jokes!

So clear your calendars from April 21st to the 24th, buy tickets and find a place to sleep!  It’s comin’!  Follow @bridgetown on Twitter and like them on Facebook and do all that crap!  BECAUSE IT’S HOW TO HAVE FUN!

Advance tickets for the ENTIRE FESTIVAL, including unlimited shows for four days, are available for $60 on a discount advance purchase, and also the coveted Golden Ticket, which gets you front-of-line privileges at any show.

Regards, Virginia

Bridgetown Comedy Festival!

Portland can’t wait for the first-ever Bridgetown Comedy Festival, from March 6-8! There is a HUGE roster of West Coast comedians, headlined by the star of the Oscar-winning food-cooking rat movie, PATTON OSWALT- and I believe that there’s some time in there for yours truly.

My Sets Are:
Thursday, March 6th: Mount Tabor Legacy Lounge, 8:00 PM
Friday, March 7th: Mount Tabor “Big Room”, 7:00 PM
Saturday, March 8th: Bar of the Gods, 8:00 PM.

POSTSCRIPT: It was fantastic. I got to see, meet, and point at so many funny, funny people. I was particularly knocked out by Kyle Kinane and Tig Notaro, and James Adomian, Jason Nash, and the lithe David Cope. Thanks to all who attended.

The hilarious Mr. Oswalt cuddles a puppy onstage. Don’t tell Grumpus.

James Adomian’s amazing George W. Bush was the surprise hit of the festival.

The only real record of me in the festival was a throwaway line about wrist-slitting, recorded in the Mercury blog.