The Revenge Of The Return of Chariots of Rubber!

Chariots of Rubber tickets are now available for the second run-

Bigger! Better! Bloodier!
I am singing the role of Cindy, the Erotic Pleaser, a street-weary and shopworn prostitute, with a legendary past and a strange secret, but miles to go before she sleeps- so basically playing myself, for all shows except Thursday, August 20th!


I want you to know about the premiere of
Portland’s first Heavy Metal Musical, Chariots of Rubber, written by
Jeffrey Wonderful and “Private” Mike Albano. It has been in
rehearsals for over a year, and finally, this strange fruit ripens!
It is Grease meets Hedwig meets West Side Story meets Rocky Horror
meets Julian Sand’s Warlock, and it is fantastic.I play Gas Station Attendant #2, a drug-addled lesbian, in a a heavy
metal musical about love, loss and demolition derby in Coos Bay, OR.
I will be singing, dancing, “acting”, and wearing a wig. There will be smoke, cars, carnage, singing, a rock band, talking nipples, sign
language, and blood. Also, you know how colorblind casting was a big deal in modern theatre? This show has genderblind casting!
The premiere is Thursday, July 23rd at 10:15 at Theater, Theatre on
Belmont for $15.
Chariots of Rubber
will run through the weekend (Friday the 24th and Saturday the 25th) and again Aug 13/14/15. You can cash-check-paypal them! Write me
write me write me at! 100 people a night will witness this phenomenon,
and everyone else will just have to gnash their little teeth!

Mercury reviews it here as “subtlety-free theatre.” Har! is up, courtesy of the wonderful Pete Ellison.


They say that the rougher the dress rehearsal, the better the show- well, we had a lead actor break his NOSE. Beat that! We might hypmotize ’em!

What’s That Smell?

At long last, after much gnashing of teeth and clashing of swords, the opening of Jeffrey Wonderful’s CHARIOTS OF RUBBER has been announced.

It debuts in the Arena stage at Theatre Theater on Belmont on one month from today on Thursday, July 23rd!
I’m dancing in it, and have also recently gotten a speaking role- watch me tear up the stage as Gas Station Attendant #2!
This is the ultimate Portland Rock & Roll Musical. The stories of fate and failure in Coos County demolition derby, featuring an original soundtrack, a live band, blood, cross-dressing cops, supernatural sisters, and in general comporting itself like Grease meets Hedwig and the Angry Inch! CHARIOTS OF RUBBER is an all original, heavy-metal musical about friendship, love and loss at the demolition derby.
Written and directed by Jeffrey Wonderful, Music By Private Mike Albano performed by Jedediah Aaker, Keith Bornzin,Dylan Skiles.

Set to an ALL ORIGINAL score, Chariots of Rubber is performed by Portland rockers.

Jen Shepard as the hooker Cindy “Portland’s Erotic Pleaser”

Donny Don’t debuts as Crash

Seantos McDonald as Bow Tuck

Jarud Meyer as Tommy

and Rob Taylor as Tommy’s Mother.

The posters and flyers have been printed for the show, and we have been generating tags to add to the info-

*Dancing so hot, our choreographer’s pregnant!
*What if I get a b*ner?
*It’s a little car! You can stand on it!