Movie Love Lessons!

You get to a point in life where you think, hey, I just keep dating awful people, I wonder why? Then you start thinking about your favorite movies from childhood!  

Beauty and the Beast:

A beautiful village girl enters a monster’s castle to plead with him to release her father.  She submits to her own incarceration.  He throws temper tantrums and tries to force his way into her room, and then breaks up his own furniture.

She falls victim to Stockholm Syndrome and falls in love with her captor.   Once she proves her love is true, he is revealed to be a prince! 

This teaches us that if you have patience and love a bad person for long enough, he will become a good person.

 What are some lessons we can take from this?

  1. Don’t trust people who wear too much velvet.
  2. Don’t date guys who have kidnapped any member of your family. Not even a cousin.
  3. Rich doesn’t always mean nice. Some might argue that it never does.


Two attractive people meet over Summer break, fall in love, and then when they get back to school they’re worried that if they date, their friends won’t think they’re cool anymore because she is a “soc” and he is a “greaser”.  They spend the WHOLE SCHOOL YEAR pining for each other.  At the end they put on different outfits in order to meet the expectations of the other person, and then they die, as they get into a convertible and their car drives into the clouds. 


  1. Date who you want.  It doesn’t matter if your friends don’t like their jacket.
  2. You don’t have to change to be loved.
  3. Don’t have unprotected sex with Kenickie, or anyone really.

Some Kind Of Wonderful:

In this film, Eric Stoltz plans a dream date for a woman he has barely spoken to and only loves for her appearance.

At the end of the date, she turns down his gift of extremely expensive earrings.  He feels that she is being a real a-hole.

  1. When a guy has a best friend who’s a girl and they hang out all the time, that girl is already probably in love with him,  although she dresses like a demolition derby driver.
  2. If someone plans an elaborate first date to try to win your love, and isn’t happy just to meet and talk over coffee, it’s probably a desperate attempt to paper over their own insecurities!

Pretty Woman:

It’s a cute retelling of Pygmalion/My Fair Lady, in which a street prostitute becomes a trophy wife, which is the same thing but in longer pants. 

She gets an emotionally distant workaholic with no family ties, and becomes a kept woman- that’ll be fun in marriage counseling! 

“Hey, I think our power dynamic is screwed up.” “Why is that, I wonder?”

  1. When a man buys a woman, it’s like buying a car- he’ll trade her in eventually.

Just remember that romantic movies are a fun fantasy, but many of the relationships depicted in them are a real nightmare!