My Lunatic Love: A Silverlake Coyote

coyote in silverlake

This is a coyote that hangs out behind a 24 hour diner in Silverlake.

He has a tracking collar on and he’s been tagged, because science wants to know where to find him. He’s easy to find because he’s usually behind the 24 hour diner. He hangs out at the back door early mornings with the attitude of a dog waiting for his breakfast. I think he gets a lot of snacks from them. A couple of days ago, I walked my little dog by and the coyote was there. It was awkward because it’s like seeing the guy you flirt with at a party you’re at with your boyfriend, and also the guy you flirt with could potentially eat your boyfriend.

I think whenever his coyote ticket is punched and he goes to coyote heaven, he will show off to all the other dead coyotes about how many friends he had feeding him, and that makes me glad. Watching him take off from the lot, tail held high, with something delicious in his chops is an awesome sight.