Dune! Cosplay! Tiktok! I made a Tiktok about Dune in Fremen cosplay. I make stuff every day and some of it is good. This isn’t, this is a joke I did about Dune. But it’s short. But other content is good. I’m pleased that ten years ago, this would have been a joke I did to whomever I saw the movie with and that would be it, but now I can do it for you guys.

How To Make The Perfect Blade Runner Movie!

What will we need to make the perfect Blade Runner movie?

Something boiling 

Neon in the rain

Fetishy latex jackets

Crowds of pedestrians in weird masks

Wet sex workers


Giant buildings shaped like pyramids  

Street food/night markets 

That opthamologist setup where lenses are flipped with other lenses 

High contrast lighting 

Inexplicable accents 


Printed photos

CRT screens


Lens flare

Eyes: close up, tattooed, missing

Serial numbers on everything

Harrison Ford holding a square glass tumbler




Slow ceiling fan 


What else?