How To Be A Scintillating Conversationalist

In this age of text messages and Myspace comments, in the sea of LOL’s and WTF’s, sometimes it’s hard to connect to real-life people. Sometimes it can be dispiriting to open a full inbox to find one solitary message from a friend, and sixty-eight offers for a bigger penis. Trying to solve the problem, I first went to 19th century social etiquette manuals, but found that I did not have enough different teaspoons to get anything going.

Please allow me to share with you some observations designed to help you muddle along in your day-to-day conversations, without aid of animated smiley faces and clips of pornography.

1. Don’t talk about being sick, or bad things.
2. Don’t talk about babies. Unless the person you’re talking to has one, and then you should only talk about their baby. Even a baby one baby removed from their baby, such as a baby friend of their baby, is dull as dingo’s kidneys to them. Their baby is the interesting one.
3. For sure, don’t talk about sick babies. That’s sad.
4. In general, don’t talk about bad news unless it’s about someone you both know, or a celebrity. This is called gossip, and it’s very popular. There are articles that will tell you not to do this, but how can something that feels so good be wrong?
5. Only talk about fun and exciting things going on in your life- awesome trips you’re taking, celebrities you’re sleeping with, and reality shows you’re going to be on.
6. If none of the above are happening, just go ahead and lie. For the most part, other people won’t remember and call you on lies you’ve told, because they weren’t listening. Besides, there are so many reality shows, and they are so ridiculous, nothing you can make up will be beyond the pale. If you say you’re on a show where C.C. Deville is trying to learn to cook, who’s going to question that?
7. Mostly, the other person is thinking about the same thing as you are: how fat you’re getting.
8. A word on negativity: I know that it’s cool and “hep” to talk about how much everything sucks, but look around you: between global warming, the war in Iraq, and Britney’s botched comeback performance, do you really feel that the state of reality is so great that you need to downplay it, or the light and brilliance of the world as it is will blind us? I didn’t think so.