My God, It’s Coming: Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction!

I can’t wait to for this show.  I’ve attended it many times, and laughed until I wanted to vomit.  Finally, I get to do a crazy erotic make-em-up!  Clever inventor Bryan Cook has finally said “fuck it” and moved here from Seattle so he can stop farting around getting on airplanes to host it.   Seriously, this will be GREAT.  Matt Braunger is funny and yells a lot.  Lisa Beth Johnson is dark and fucked-up and we went to college together.  Barbara Holm is a smartie-pie nerd princess.  Andy Peters is a funny Seattleite and he doesn’t mind a sharp, short smack on the butt.  I like to objectify funny gal Alice Wetterlund.  It’s gonna be GREAT.