Bloodmeadow The Goth Vs. Comic-Con

And now, a special report from the Lady Bloodmeadow, our Gothixxx correspondent.

 Sunglasses by Ann-Sofie Back

Most demonic greetings.  I recently hit San Diego for the largest Comic-Con nerd-fest that has ever occurred.  I was able to drive because I have finally gotten my License back from the Pigs,  because I Promised that I would not drive with the Dead-Eye in, but I was Lying.

As I traversed through the convention, I could not help but feel that I was being watched, monitored, by a force most Sinister.

Bloodmeadow and the Terminator at Comic-Con

  I had my Photo taken many Times, although I was not dressed up as anything.  Towards the end of the day, it became Clear that Nerds were asking for my photograph so that they could approach Me and not be Hissed at.

   At One Point, I was asked to participate in a Cosplay Shot for Chris Hardwick, although I again explained I Was Not Dressed As Anything. 

Bloodmeadow and Han Solo at Comic-Con

The Best thing about Comic-Con was that it was held indoors, far from the punishing rays of the Sun.  The worst thing was everything else.   I was subjected to a great deal of Noise and walked through many, many hot nerd Farts.

Everyone complaining that ComicCon is not what it once was: did you know there’s still lots of small sweaty comics-only conventions? This is like complaining that we evolved from an ancestor of monkeys. There’s still monkeys!

Postscript: My last moments at my first Comic-Con were spent at a bar, where I was waiting for the idiot I had been dating at the time to show up to promote a movie he had worked on, and while I was waiting a nerd was chatting up Bloodmeadow and when she denied the opportunity to go have sex with her he BIT her hard on the upper arm, and left a giant bruise. I don’t know why people say nerd culture is toxic to women.

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