Badinia Beanie for Sale!

I’m pleased to offer my first piece of artist’s merchandise for sale!  It’s a Badinia beanie to keep you warm in cool weather, and cool in all weather.  It’s cooler than a t-shirt, and you can wear it every day! I mean it! Wear it every day!

But Where Will I WEAR IT?

It’s good to wear at work, at church, on a date, to school, to the grocery store, on a cruise! Wear it to rockshows, to weddings, to a bar mitzvah, to a Parent-Teacher conference, to an AA meeting! Take it to your rehab facility intake, to your divorce trial, or to your friend’s funeral!

  1. Outdoor Activities: Beanies are great for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, skiing, snowboarding, or any winter sport. They help keep your head warm in cold weather conditions
  2. Beanies are commonly worn as part of casual outfits, especially during the colder months. You can wear them with jeans, hoodies, sweaters, or jackets for a cozy and stylish look.
  3. Beanies can be worn with outfits, including sneakers, joggers, graphic tees, and bomber jackets.
  4. Are you going to a music festival, ever? When the sun goes down, you’re gonna want a beanie, believe me!
  5. Sporting Events- if you like sports that are outside, we are very different people, but you can wear a beanie to it!.
  6. On Hat Day, if you work at Starbucks- I can tell there’s a Hat Day, because sometimes I walk in and everyone is wearing a hat and DARING me to talk about it!
  7. On planes, trains, and other forms of public transit- a beanie makes for a cozy way to stay comfortable on transit!.
  8. At the gym- you’d hate to get a cold head at the gym, right? Right!
  9. Style: Pretend you have style! Wear a beanie!
  10. Wear it on a bad hair day so nobody can tell, or wear it on a good hair day to make it a bad hair day!


This beanie is a fine gauge knit 100% acrylic yarn, with a hand-applied brand-embroidered patch.  If we’re being real, the embroidery patch is hand applied by the artist, which means that no two are exactly alike! You can buy it here, or on bandcamp, if you like!

This is the first piece of merch I’ve ever had! I’m stoked to take it out on the road and get my street team to work. Twenty thousand followers don’t clothe themselves, you know! I want you guys to be cozy, I want you to be comfy, I want you to be branded.

Get yours today, immediately, I mean right now!   This is a limited edition of 99 pieces! Whoa that’s under 100, because I made one for myself!

This Badinia beanie is all you need to get people asking questions, like- what does your hat mean, how do you say it, and where did you get it?  Answers: I don’t know, I don’t know, and!