The Dangers of Fun

I am back from Austin, TX. I had a lovely time performing alongside New York’s Selena Coppock, Amy Albert, and sketch troupe Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting.

I got to hang out with some long-lost friends, and my family, who are always exciting to be with. They nearly did not attend, because it sold out and advance tickets had not been purchased.

I can only imagine because my sister thought something more important might come up at the last minute.
My mother heckled me for a large portion of my set. Later, viewers asked where I had gotten such a talented plant, and I could only respond that it had been my actual mother.
The following night, the festival had a dinner at Vivo, a restaurant on the long list that my sister Laura has been fired from, and I drank the greatest margarita. It was full of fruit and tequila and an orchid and evil. Having consumed a single beverage, I saluted my fellow funny ladies, and went to meet my family.
I got on the highway and was mildly disturbed at the smell and sound my rental car was making.

Since I was nearly to my destination, and it was a rental car, I decided to persevere despite the thumping. I got to a stop light and a homeless man on the on-ramp walked up to my car and pulled a burned traffic cone out from underneath it, with a gesture of disgust.

Austin, you continue to kick my ass.