A Laugh A Minute on OPB!

I made all of my mother’s dreams come true by appearing on an NPR affiliate! Last Thursday, I spent some time in the OPB studio with Emily Harris, David Miller, Auggie Smith, and Ron Funches.

I talked to Andy Norris, who heads up Manzanita’s weekly Laugh-In. He posits that standing in the street and laughing like a**holes for five minutes at nothing is just as fun as seeing a comic.

Postscript: The Portland Mercury heard my abuse on the radio and responded with a sweet blog on it.

Bridgetown Comedy Festival!

Portland can’t wait for the first-ever Bridgetown Comedy Festival, from March 6-8! There is a HUGE roster of West Coast comedians, headlined by the star of the Oscar-winning food-cooking rat movie, PATTON OSWALT- and I believe that there’s some time in there for yours truly.

My Sets Are:
Thursday, March 6th: Mount Tabor Legacy Lounge, 8:00 PM
Friday, March 7th: Mount Tabor “Big Room”, 7:00 PM
Saturday, March 8th: Bar of the Gods, 8:00 PM.

POSTSCRIPT: It was fantastic. I got to see, meet, and point at so many funny, funny people. I was particularly knocked out by Kyle Kinane and Tig Notaro, and James Adomian, Jason Nash, and the lithe David Cope. Thanks to all who attended.

The hilarious Mr. Oswalt cuddles a puppy onstage. Don’t tell Grumpus.

James Adomian’s amazing George W. Bush was the surprise hit of the festival.

The only real record of me in the festival was a throwaway line about wrist-slitting, recorded in the Mercury blog.