Show with Dante!

Hay, I’m doing a show at the Rolling Stone on Wednesday, Feb 13th, with a great line-up including Last Comic Standing’s Dante, and the adorable ukelelist (made up word) Scout Durwood.  I have passes available for any LAists who want to come!

The line-up:

Dennis Haskins

Cicero Salmon

Rick Carera

Carely Mcmenoman

Steve Cooper

Mikey Scott

Teddy Margas

Scout Durwood

Virginia Jones

Rebekah Kochan


Update: we killed the Rolling Stone restaurant, but I was glad to meet Scout, and I love Mikey and Teddy forever, and just attended their last show at Fubar.  I’ve not seen anyone else on the list ever again.  Dante’s star rating dropped to the point where he had to start using his last name again, and started a BS comedy festival in Portland that seemed to let everyone in who applied.

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