OPB with All Jane No Dick!

I was delighted to appear on Think Out Loud to promote All Jane No Dick comedy festival.  Here’s the whole article and clip!  The article links back on this blog, so the world will become a hall of mirrors, endlessly referencing itself.

“All Jane” Festival Highlights Women In Comedy

OPB | Oct. 17, 2013 12:30 p.m.

Credit: Carla de Souza Campos (Creative Commons)
Credit: Carla de Souza Campos (Creative Commons)

This weekend, Portland hosts the second annual All Jane No Dick Comedy Festival. The showcase was created to highlight the work of women comics in an industry that is still dominated by men. By some estimates 80 percent of comedy festival performers are men, and the ratio is similarly unbalanced in the writers’ rooms for TV sitcoms and late-night comedy shows.

Stacey Hallal, the creator of All Jane No Dick, says she often sees stand-up shows with eight men and one woman because there’s a general assumption in the comedy industry that “you can’t put two women in one show.”

Cameron Esposito, an L.A. comedian who will be at All Jane No Dick this year, performed at the fest last year as well. She says the festival doesn’t set up a dynamic of “men versus women.”

“I think what’s great about this festival is it’s like ‘Here’s all these women doing it.'”


  • Stacey Hallal: Creator of the All Jane No Dick Comedy Festival and artistic director of Curious Comedy Theater
  • Whitney Streed: Host and producer of the Weekly Recurring Humor Night every Wednesday at the Tonic Lounge in Portland
  • Virginia Jones: Stand-up comic working in Los Angeles
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