As Tammy Wynnette said.

This really is too personal to put on a blog , but the artist formerly known as Spouse recently said he thought we should get a divorce, so that he could date someone else.

The month since has been an interesting education in my own vanity and in the many ways I could feel bad.  I have already learned so much about myself, like that I’m used to fiddling with my wedding ring a hundred times a day.  I know that most of my Portland friends have never even known me without him.  Your kind thoughts are appreciated.

2012 Postscript: In a hilarious update, he has continued the feel-good Valentines’ tradition by remarrying on the same day he dumped me, a year later, on the radio!  I wrote him “Uh, congrats, I guess” and he texted back “ZOMG THAT IS SO SWEET OF YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH.”  Still and all, I hope Third Wife has better luck with him than the first two, because, you know.  He cheated on us!

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