Happy New Ears!

We had a Snickers fun-sized party in San Francisco in our hotel for New Year’s and had a great time with friends old and new.


1. Who got the broccoli into the overhead light fixture? Follow up question: How?

2. Why would you use vodka as a mixer for vodka? That’s trouble!

3. How did Tommy split his lip on Jenner’s boot?

4. Why would a grown man yell expletives out the window on a holiday?

5. Why were my husband’s New Year kisses lavished on a new friend named Tater Tot?

I was proud to throw up in the historic Fairmont hotel, where scenes in Vertigo were set, and across the street from the Top of the Mark, where my grandma Virginia went to celebrate her wedding some 62 years ago.

We also visited the Hyatt Regency, which was used in the filming of the Vertigo parody High Anxiety.  INSIDE BASEBALL MY FAVORITE SPORT!

The Year In Review

Last year, my New Year’s Resolution was to Kick More Ass, which I think I achieved. This year, my goal is not to concern myself with people who don’t think I’m awesome. Life’s too short, and frankly, I only have so much awesome to go around anyway.

What We Got Up To

All in all, San Francisco was two tons of fun. We enjoyed SFMoma, hanging out with new San Franciscans Pete and Alex, lost Portlanders John Graham and Kyle from Satyricon, walking uphill at 90 degree angles, overdosing on Goth Loli in Japantown, the fantastic company of the Chongs, a show by the world’s finest Smiths cover band, This Charming Band, and two of their fan clubs, the Choir Boys and The Moz Crew. They were supported by a Spellbound, a Siouxsie and the Banshees cover project ably fronted by a former member of Rasputina.

Still and all, I’m sorry that my first post of the year does not contain much for my mother to be proud of.

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