Farewell to a Good Boy


This is a photo essay about the best boy in the world, Chico Jones.  Originally from Bakersfield, California, he was handsome and rambunctious and strong.

Chico Jones sits for his portrait

Chico would sometimes work as an artist’s model, for both painting and photography, although he couldn’t sit still for a super long time, unless he was asleep.

French Bulldog Chico Jones DJ’s

Like most people, soon after he moved to Portland he became a DJ, but never attained the fame of DJ Mama.

Chico Jones and Janine Brito

He was very popular, especially with Janine Brito.

He moved on to the next party on September 1st.  He went out as he came in, loving, handsome, and slightly gassy.  I will love my boy forever and ever.

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