New Best Friend Adam Rifkin

Here’s my new best friend, Adam Rifkin, writer and producer.  I did an interview with him on the red carpet for Seraph Films!

Behind the Scenes

I was helping out on Seraph Films‘ shoot and actor Chip Mefford put his fingers up my nose.*

Chip paid for it dearly. Did he die in a temporal loop? Or is it PA Revenge?

* Also see sleep-deprived director Gene Blalock sing “Singin’ in the Rain” with a reflector.  This was right before he was wandering from person to person announcing that he liked apples.

Horror Haiku

I did some PA stuff for the incredible people at Seraph Films and I’m in this behind the scenes short, being snarky. Horror Haiku are short films made based on viewer suggestions, by Seraph films!  Watch the Horror Haiku we made here!