Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone

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I’ve been a fan of Paula Poundstone since time immemorial, and it was an honor to be on her podcast.  Did I get to finish a story, or really a thought?  No, I didn’t.  But it was a ton of fun and amazing to be in the room while Paula does her thing.  Listen here:

Jackie Kashian’s Dork Forest!

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I got to do an episode of the legendary Dork Forest Podcast with Jackie Kashian, whom I inundate with Labyrinth trivia. I also try to help her figure out the difference between David Bowie and Billy Idol. I love her, I love Labyrinth, and I love all of you. I name check Melissa Hansson and Jemiah Jefferson in this episode!

Check it out:

All My Podcasts

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Anyone who knows me might be interested to know I’ve done many podcasts.  More than five, in fact!

My thinking was, if I put all these bastards together, I’ll feel like I’ve done something.  Here’s my list, in some sort of order!

The fantastic Andy Wood and Matt Kirshen have this science based podcast called Probably Science, and they let me be on it one time!

Probably Science

Bryan Cook made up this dirty, funny show where we write erotic fan fiction on the spot, and then he podcasts it so my family can be ashamed of me!  Hooray!

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction

My second visit to OPB, this time to talk about All Jane No Dick with Stacey Hallal and Whitney Streed!

Think Out Loud

Jim Bruce and Tom Griffin’s show, featuring me and annoyance treater Delilah Smith!

Who’s This Now?

The incredibly famous Put Your Hands Together with Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher from the UCB theatre!

Put Your Hands Together!

International superstar and Last Comic Standing ass-kicker Amy Miller asked me over to talk about the fact that our dads are both dead!

Sorry About Your Dad 

Maximum Fun podcast Lady 2 Lady had me over to shoot the shit and for some reason talk about toilets a lot with Barbara Gray, Tess Barker, and Brandie Posey!

Lady 2 Lady

Cornelius Peter does a podcast called Book Me, Please about books we’ve read, and in some cases, written!  I got to be on it with my friend Matt Kirshen!

Ep. 9: Books by Andy Weir, Tracy Hammond, Douglas Adams & Mark Carwardine are discussed by comedians Matt Kirshen, Virginia Jones, and author Tracy Hammond.

I bullied myself onto this episode of Brock Party with my friend Eliza Rickman!

Brock Party

This is a podcast I got in trouble for, before I convinced my ex husband to stop googling me, and when you move your new wife into the house the day after your old wife leaves, she probably won’t say nice things about you on podcasts!  It’s also from the day after my dog died!

Respect the Danger of Knives

This is a scripted podcast with Sofiya Alexandra and Courtney Kocak!

Voicemails to Self

This is probably my most inscrutable podcast, Doug Driesel Jr’s show:

Obscure Reference!

Me Three, a podcast with Darci “Kittenpants” Ratliff and Lisa Beth “No Pants” Johnson

Me Three!

My most beloved podcast, Pati-oh, Pati-no with Charlene!  I’ve been on it a million times, and here’s one:

Pati-oh, Pati-no!

In 2009, I was on a now long-mothballed podcast called The Ugly Angels!  History!

The Ugly Angels

I was so excited to be on Jackie Kashian’s Dork Forest, thanks to Joe Wilson!

Dork Forest

I was on 5 Top with Joe Wilson, Carol Ann Leifer, Robert Yasumura, and Judith Shelton in 2009 as well!

5 Top


Sorry About Your Dad, by Amy Miller

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Reblog from

Sorry About Your Dad Episode 8: Virginia Jones

“He went out just as he would have wanted. In the parking lot of a casual eatery.”

Comedian Virginia Jones and I have some things in common. We’ve both been found trying to elbow our respective ways to the top of the Portland comedy heap, and we both had largely adult-free childhoods. Yes, there WERE adults, somewhere. Just not at home. I thought I had known the extent of wild adolescent transgressions but then I talked to Virginia and who knew you could huff the freon in your air conditioner? I mean I guess you can huff a lot of things. My family is pretty chubby so maybe nobody was willing to give up that cool cool air during the summer. Just kidding, we never had air conditioning, you dummy!

“Raised” in Texas, she vows never to go back, while her dad stayed Texas loyal until his death last year.

In addition to her dad, we discuss how having good parents can ruin a person, why Russell Brand loves fat women but won’t date them, and what’s worse – a baby or AIDS?

And if you don’t make it to the end, just fast forward because HER LAUGH AT THE END! What a laugh! She’s the best.

Listen Here.

Subscribe in iTunes here.

Follow Virginia on Twitter @badiniadones and read her blog / see her live!

P.S. Amy changed up podcasts to “Who’s Your God?” because after recording her fifth podcast with another comic crying about their dead dad, she asked herself: What is this for?