Welcome To Bangalore, The Silicon Valley of India!

I’m writing from Bangalore, where your 6:45 AM (Pacific) is my 7:15 PM.

It’s the extra half hour that fucks with your head.   

Here’s a beautiful and intricate Hindu temple we saw.

The Hindu people have blue, multi-armed gods and are vegetarians, so they’re my favorite religion at present.

In India, you just see cows and water buffalo hanging out by the side of the road.  I saw a momma cow and a calf together, and that was awesome. Sometimes there are traffic jams because a heifer decides to lay down in the middle of the road.

Expressions like “Sacred Cow” and “Holy Cow” come from somewhere.

All fans of the Grown-Ups, Denton’s finest ska band featuring a dancing Stormtrooper, will appreciate the fact that every time I saw a Bajaj, (the name that Vespa used for the South Asia market) I was stuck with “Bajaj in the Garage” in my head for the next half-hour.

My favorite ad was a billboard with a motorcycle reading “Bajaj: Feel Like A God!”

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