Ain’t No Party Like A Birthday Party!

Although I work hard at keeping this page from being of any real use to anyone, I wanted to let you know that Nick Cave tickets are on sale today for a show at the Crystal Ballroom for Monday, September 22nd.  Aww! Nick’s spending his birthday with us! Reasons to love Nick Cave:

* He’s so goth, he wore flip-flops on Ron & Fez’s radio show, and was STILL goth.

* He has had amazing rock-n-roll hair for 30 years. Unfortunately, now all his promo shots are cropped at the temples.

* Dig, Lazarus, Dig is a record that makes other middle-aged rockers cower in shame.

* Nick wrote the story and soundtrack for the incredible and bloody cowboy movie, The Proposition.

* He did the soundtrack for another great movie, The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford, and did a cameo as- wait for it- a musician.

* He’s also doing the soundtrack to the film of Cormac McCarthy’s book, The Road.

* Nick wants to be a cowboy, and you can be his cowgirl.

An alert reader sent in an NPR article on Nick! Thank you!

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