Trivial Comedy

I got to sit in on a round of questions from the ShanRock brand of trivia, the finest trivia in the land, and make jokes about it.  Here are some of the things I said.  They’re not good for anything, so I’m just gonna tell ‘em to you.

What turns a Mogwai into a Gremlin? A: That’s stupid.  You can’t turn a band into a car!

Moby Dick has one of the most iconic opening lines in Western Literature.  Fill in the missing word: “Call me ______”     A: Call me crazy- Is that the biggest white whale you’ve ever seen?

What exact bird do you find on the back of a Canadian $1 coin?  A: That’s the Queen, and it’s very disrespectful to call her a “bird.”

And Dax Jordan’s favorite: Q: Virginia, did you ever drink Absinthe? A: Yeth, and I haven’t been the thame thince!

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