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The time has come to talk of many things, but mostly about what we’re being for Halloween. I have, in my possession, an awesome wig made by 2guysfromvegas, and I’m watching and rewatching the amazing film Forbidden Zone, her place of origin. Her name is Queen Doris, and she’s more drag queen than woman, or else she’s just more woman than this universe can handle.

Of course, the thing that I love about the internet is the opportunity to meet up with like minds-I said something on Youtube about planning to dress as Doris, and I met the lovely Asunder33, who shared this photo with me:

Now, she is going for the colorized and remastered Doris, which is awesome, and in later shots it’s evident that her eye makeup glows in black light, which is also superb.  I went for the black-and-white Doris, because that’s what we had on our many-times-watched VHS copy of the film.

In the boring backstory, I can tell you that the week of Halloween, I got word from my dressmakers that they would absolutely have a stunning version of Doris’ dress ready by November 5th, because they are heathens with no respect or understanding of Halloween, or Gothic Christmas.  I had a mild stroke, but recovered in time to draft a pattern, cut and sew my dress in 5 hours, in a caffeine-fueled, Project Runway-style mania, and I’m happy with how it turned out, and sure that God was punishing me for my hubris.
If you have ever dressed as a Forbidden Zone character, post a picture link in the Comments, I’d love to see it!  Whatever you’re doing, have a happy Halloween!


Postscript: This costume took on a bittersweet quality when we lost Susan Tyrrell in 2012, who had become my Facebook friend when the lovely Meggie Nicole sent her my Halloween photo.  This dress and wig are available for sale, write me at badinia@gmail.com!

Portland Monthly!

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Fall Arts Preview

The New Nimble

By Anne Adams, John Chandler, and Randy Gragg

Photo: Michael Schmitt



Virginia Jones


“You know what really gets my goat?” asks Virginia Jones. “Wolves.”

Pause … hope … laughter.

In the suspenseful lifestyle of casting one-liners for yuks (and bucks), Jones is one of a growing cabal of local weekend warriors tackling stand-up comedy—and, sometimes, slowly, starting to shape their work schedules around the gigs rather than vice versa.

“The great thing about stand-up,” she asserts, “is that you can work and hone until you get it just right … It’s completely unlike brain surgery.” Pause … hope …

On September 4, Jones will perform in the Grand Dames of Comedy showcase at Hawthorne Theatre and host two open-mic nights for Curious Comedy Theater, Portland’s first and only nonprofit comedy group.

“There’s a lot of new energy,” Jones says, noting the three-year-old Bridgetown Comedy Festival’s importing of such nationally acclaimed acts as Patton Oswalt and Janeane Garofalo and the opening of city’s first comedy chain franchise, Helium, which lifted off this summer.

Why the sudden P-town laugh riot? Is it our coping mechanism for rising unemployment? Indie-rock fatigue? Jones calls it a perfect storm of rising national interest (e.g., the reality show Last Comic Standing), plus the growing chops of locals like Richard Bain, Christian Ricketts, and Marcia Belsky.

“There’s all this hungry talent,” she says. “They book anywhere they can—old-man bars, Thai restaurants—just to some get mic time.”

“When I started doing showcases, going to comedy was only slightly less hip than going to a funeral,” Jones adds, without pause but with plenty of hope. “I think now it’s starting to explode.” —AA


Oct 8-23, Nov 6-20 A small cast of improvisational cutups including Stacey Hallal, Bob Ladewig, Virginia Jones, and Josh Fisher will redirect their comedy sketches and prepared material based on whatever the audience wants to see. Can we handle that much responsibility? Curious Comedy Theater, 5225 NE MLK Jr. Blvd. 503-477-9477. curiouscomedy.org

Sept 4 at 8 A slew of she-larious locals storm the stage in (presumably) diamonds, feathers, and big hats for a little X-chromosome humor. Picture the rowdy gals and quiet introverts from your high school all grown up and cracking wise. Belinda Carroll hosts. $5. Hawthorne Theatre Lounge, 3862 SE Hawthorne Blvd. 503-233-7100. hawthornetheater.com

Sept 9-11 The dapper Proops is a versatile comic best known as one of the performers on the American version of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, a show that required him to slip in and out of multiple characters, Zelig-like, for laughs. Targets include Christian psychos, gun-toting rednecks, and, the root of it all, our nation’s City-on-a-Hill Puritan heritage. Helium Comedy Club, 1510 SE Ninth Ave. portland.heliumcomedy.com —JC

Many thanks to the all-powerful and largely benevolent Anne Adams for including me.

See it on their website here: Portland Monthly Article

Curious Sketch!

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This Spring, come time-travel to a mutant 60’s variety show, where sketch, stand-up, dance, and aerial artistry collide in a Modpodge of fun! Featuring local comedy favorites Virginia Jones and Gabe Dinger, Famous Mysterious Actor troupe members Josh Fisher and Wally Fessler, Curious Comedy founders Bob Ladewig and Stacey Hallal, and actors Scott Rogers and Katie Behrens- with dance and aerials from Daniela Steiner, Kyoko Uchida, Stephanie Seaman and Stephanie Cordell!

The show is opening tomorrow, April 2, and runs every Friday and Saturday at 8PM, closing on May 1st!  Come on out!