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“Virginia Jones fricking murdered. She destroyed. It was wonderful.” – Jackie Kashian, the Jackie & Laurie Show


Virginia Jones is an LA-based comedian, actor, and writer. She can be seen on Portlandia, CNN’s History of Comedy, and on an Australian tap dance infomercial. She has 16K followers on TikTok, which she believes to be the most, because math has never been her strength.

During lockdown, she performed on Zoom shows with luminaries like Maria Bamford, Laurie Kilmartin, Tiff Stevenson, James Acaster, Jackie Kashian, Todd Barry, Natasha Leggero, Greg Proops, and Jenny Zigrino.

She was also stoked to write and perform on a late night show for Jackie Kashian with Your Late Night Show Tonight on Rushtix.

She’ll be published in the upcoming anthology, This Is Not A Punk Rock Anthology, It’s A New Wave Anthology! on Bone & Ink Press this Summer.


Virginia has opened for some of her heroes like Maria Bamford, Eddie Pepitone, Myq Kaplan, Greg Proops, Zach Galifianakis, Bobcat Goldthwait, and Jackie Kashian.

She has performed in prominent comedy festivals like Bridgetown, All Jane, WICF, Chico and Santa Cruz festivals, and placed as a semi-finalist in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition.


Her first album, Gothic American, got rave reviews and she is working on her second, to be recorded in Portland. She is on the development track for the Improv family of clubs.

She’s super stoked to be headed to the 20th annual SF Sketchfest in 2023!

She’s excited to be part of Austin’s Altercation festival in October 2022!

She streams on Itunes, SiriusXM, Pandora, Spotify, and Audible.


Virginia has appeared on such podcasts at the LEGENDARY Jordan, Jesse, Go!, Nobody Listens To Paula Poundstone, and Jackie Kashian’s long-running masterclass in Dorkdom, the Dork Forest. Check out all of her podcasts here!

Virginia proudly appears on Jackie Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin’s prestigious Comic of the Week list.


“Omigod so good”- Kristen Schaal

“I miss you and your brilliance”- Lizz Winstead

“Virginia is a certified KILLER”- Laurie Kilmartin

“The one person on the bill that everyone always talks about is Virginia Jones.”- Dwight Slade

“Virginia is hilarious!” – Maria Bamford

“Really funny, really good stuff”- David Koechner

“You’re really funny”- Arj Barker

“The best 45 minutes my house arrested team has had on a google meet. Virginia, you are hilarious! My stomach is in pain from laughing.” – Paragon Customer Review

“You’re getting hard to follow.  I hate you.”- Tim Harmston

“Virginia Jones is a cat of a different breed…and I’m here for it. Combining very relatable yet original humor, she brings the audience into her funny world. Professional, hilarious with impeccable comedic timing. The audience loved her!”- Koly McBride, Paper Wing Theatre

“Virginia is the smart-ass with the heart of gold- she’s the best of the best and wickedly funny always”-Robert Buscemi

“She’s a master of the deadpan misdirect.”- John Eiler

Virginia is both hilarious and personable. Felt like we have a long-time friend in the room to have a laugh with. Sharp, insightful humor, and a personality that lasts for days. Highly recommend breaking up the remote team mindset with her!— Paragon Customer Review

“Virginia Jones is both the best and worst thing: a woman with an opinion.”- Outburst KC

We fell into Virginia’s hilarious spell immediately. Recommend her to anyone!“– Paragon Customer Review


Her album, GOTHIC AMERICAN, was included on Best of 2016 lists by WhoHaHa and the Portland Mercury!

Top Album Reviews for Gothic American:

“A record so good, I bought it!” – Jackie Kashian

“Artful comedy with soul- Virginia knows who she is.  Her comedy is exactly what good art should be, the sum total of the artists’ experience, soaked in impactful emotions and presented with a cohesive voice honed from years of focus and dedication to the form.  Virginia’s fans know, and now you can learn just how smart, funny and willing to poke fun at herself this jewel of the comedy scene is.”

“Virginia Jones is masterful at crafting smart jokes about relatable topics in the most unpredictable ways- everything from tattoos to body image to dating- she’ll make you think and question the status quo while letting out a guttural laugh.  Definitely buy this album if you’re looking for something unique, biting and hilarious.”

“This album walks a sharp but subtle line.  I appreciate it when stand-up can still surprise me.”

PANDORA: “Virginia Jones’ comedy features humorously dim-witted logic, a sarcastic, self-deprecating delivery, jokes about animals and personal relationships.”

Performance Resume Here


Appearances include:

Paper Wing Theatre, Monterey, CA (HEADLINER)

Outburst Comedy Club, Kansas City (HEADLINER)

DNA’s Comedy Lab, Santa Cruz, CA (HEADLINER)

Crackers Comedy Club, Indianapolis (HEADLINER)

927 Brewery, Cambria, CA (HEADLINER)

Idyllwild Comedy, Idyllwild, CA (HEADLINER)

Winners Casino, Winnemucca (HEADLINER)

Flappers Comedy Club, Burbank (FEATURE)

Helium Comedy Club, Portland, OR (FEATURE)

Seattle Underground, Seattle, WA (FEATURE)

Velveeta Room, Austin, TX

Big Hunt, Washington, DC

Dynasty Typewriter, LA

Improv Comedy Club, LA

Comedy Store, LA

Meltdown, LA


Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Portland

All Jane No Dick, Portland

Bumbershoot Music Festival, Seattle

Palm Springs International Comedy Festival

Santa Cruz Comedy Festival

Ladies Are Funny Fest, Austin

Women In Comedy Festival, Boston

Vegan Comedy Festival with Myq Kaplan

Chico Comedy Festival

Funny Women Festival, LA

Burbank Comedy Festival

Ventura Comedy Festival

Antelope Valley Comedy Festival


39th San Francisco International Comedy Competition- Semi-Finalist

31st Seattle International Comedy Competition- Semi-Finalist

Portland Comedy Competition – 1st Runner-Up

Westside Comedy Showdown- Finalist



CNN- History of Comedy

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