Pati-Oh, Pati-No!

Although it makes me sad to admit it, the funniest Portland podcast I’ve heard doesn’t have any Portland comics on it.  Pati-oh! Pati-No!  is four of my funny girlfriends dishing on boys, good, bad, and awful dates, and the best Portland patios to drink on.  In this very special episode, the girls meet me, or someone who sounds very much like me, at my favorite local vegan  bar, The Sweet Hereafter.  I tell a couple adventure stories about dating in Portland, and they rake me over the coals about who I’m seeing, who I’ve met, OK Cupid, dating Goths, and then I do the world’s worst Irish accent.  I know it is, OK?  I know it is.  Subscribe to this podcast on Itunes (I’m on #5, The Sweet Hereafter) and rate them, won’t you?  They won’t let you down.