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I Watched Iliza’s Special!

Virginia Jones is an intellectual, philosophical, comedian whose comedy swings from smart to absurd, and “has a lot of animals in it”. She came up in Portland where she returns to do the Bridgetown and All Jane Festivals, and as a favorite feature at Helium comedy club-with great talents like Arj Barker, Sebastian Maniscalco, and David Koechner. This year, she has also toured with great comics like Myq Kaplan and Auggie Smith. Virginia was a semi-finalist in the 2013 San Francisco comedy competition, a rare achievement for a comp that last saw a woman win in 1979. Her monthly show, Glendalia was covered in the LA weekly, and her first album, Gothic American, appeared on several best-of lists for 2016. Last week,  made headlines for her comments about women comedians- particularly women who perform at the Improv. As one such comedian, Virginia Jones responds.


Before this week, if anyone ever asked me what I thought about a woman comic whose jokes I don’t personally care for, I would always say, she’s making her space in this business and I respect her for that. This is a hard gig. Then Iliza Schlesinger let us know in an interview for Deadline that lots of us are bad for talking about sex or sexuality, and that we should be SMART like her.

“I could walk into The Improv, close my eyes, and I can’t tell one girl’s act apart from another,” she said. “That’s not saying that 30-something white guys don’t all sound the same sometimes, but I’m banging my head against the wall because women want to be treated as equals, and we want feminism to be a thing, but it’s really difficult when every woman makes the same point about her vagina, over and over. I think I’m the only woman out there that has a joke about World War II in my set.”

Since I’m a woman comic who plays the Improv, this annoyed me.

So I did a selfless thing.

I watched Iliza’s newest special, Confirmed Kills.
I wanted to see how a truly original comedy mind works.

SPOILER ALERT-it’s not even a WWII joke, it’s about a baby boomer coming home from the war to fuck and be racist. THANKS, STEPHEN HAWKING.

Here are my notes.

1. Dog walks across stage in a long ballgown. This is the best.
2. Establish that this is Chicago.
3. There is a Party Goblin in the back of your head and it is your Id. This is a more animated rehash of Larry Miller’s Ten Stages of Drinking from the 80’s. Five-six minutes. She uses this D&D voice and then a sorority girl voice. Those are the two. There is a lot of kicking, I guess so she can fit another workout into her day.
4. Instagram joke
5. People like to talk when they’re drunk.
6. She’s the alpha in her group of friends. OBVIOUSLY.
7. Racist joke about being in Chinatown.
8. Tag from Calgon commercial from before she was born
9. Dudes need to pick girls up on time or else we’ll put on body glitter
10. Not trashy, just doing trashy things
11. One of the difficult things about being a woman is everything
12. There’s four minutes a night where a woman feels comfortable in her own skin
13. Talks about lip-liner, refers to self as a Chola
14. Joke about balls
15. Needed to find lip-liner in a big bag
16. Joke about method of finding lip-liner in bag
17. This is essentially women be shoppin’
18. Oh lord this is about the shit in the bottom of your purse
19. I think Erma Bombeck covered this in 1968
20. If you use an open tampon, you’ll die on the Oregon Trail

21. Dumps out bag on dance floor, makes Helen Keller joke
22. Door guy has to be described as good-looking because she said he’s black, so she doesn’t get in trouble with the PC police
23. Door guy leaves her alone because she’s “white girl crazy”
24. She felt vulnerable bent over on the floor in public
25. Gets an applause break by saying “nay” in fake D&D nerd voice
26. Women feel vulnerable because they are not as physically strong as men, if we were strong, we would never have waited for the right to vote, weakness is why women have to be scared of rape
27. Does an extended and very appreciated series of poses to show off her extremely toned body
28. CrossFit is a cult
29. CrossFit exercises are weird.
30. Women are strong in childbirth
31. Act out of delivery, when your child is in danger you can draw on mother’s strength
32. Second reference to single women being afraid of rape
33. That’s why sexual harassment is a big deal: you can wear whatever you want, it doesn’t give the right for someone to harass you- and it’s about the underlying notion that he could rape you if he wanted
34. Hard to be a woman: when men sexually harass you and you find them unattractive. This is a great message. If he’s hot, it’s just flirting. Super funny and brave and smart. It’s OK for men to comment on your body if they’re hot
35. Women and men shop differently
36. Does a bit mocking women who are trying to be creative or find themselves
37. Personal body goals: never thin enough, wants to look like the starved child on the Les Miz flyer, and other weird ana-positive stuff.
38. Women have to be thin to be vulnerable so men will love us
39. Strong women are told to tone it down- wear high heels so you can’t run from your attacker, smoky eyes look like you’ve been choking on a dick
40. Men aren’t allowed to be vulnerable but too bad (Agree)

41. Some women die trying to be thin
42. You have to be the thinnest in your group of friends, pose-off between women. You want to be the kind of thin where your friends are worried for you. “I wear a youth large” Makes a weird joke about R. Crumb comics but thinner, has never seen a woman in an R. Crumb comic
43. It’s only the last 40 years that women of color have made it OK to have an adult body
44. It’s OK to bully and fat shame white women on Facebook (?) Is it?
45. WASP jokes
46. Black women have good self esteem (three women in the audience of a thousand respond)
47. She said “a black”, OK.
48. Iliza’s “Lean In” moment: you have to take respect, not wait for it
49. Iliza shares that whatever your body is like is OK, while she has spent the whole set demonstrating that it’s not, over and fucking over again. But be proud of your body! Even if it’s not as good as hers!
50. Commanding respect through the way that you speak
51. It’s not OK to talk about sex or sexual stuff and it’s not where your power comes from. If we talk about sex, it lets people know it’s OK to sexualize us (see 34)
52. Mermaid shaming
53. Fourth rape joke at 42 minutes in
54. Fifth rape joke and a joke about how the Japanese would eat mermaids
55. Little mermaid was a liar and a hoarder
56. Five minutes talking about how mermaids would have dreadlocks
57. More mermaid shaming #nomermaids
58. Mermaid anal prostitution
59. Jesus Christ, are we still talking about mermaids? This has been ten minutes
60. WW2 joke: what made America great was military men returning home and growing up, making families, not trying to find themselves

61. Pandering pro military statement gets lots of applause
62. Back to talking about white grandparents, baby boomers, rock and roll, Millennials showed up and invented Instagram
63. People are mean to women when they like themselves on Instagram, only fat girls can be on Instagram
64. Talks about how dumb her ex-boyfriend was
65. Men can date dumber and women can’t. Men will date a Popsicle stick in a wig
66. Makes fun of ugly girlfriend who rescues animals and has a great personality
67. “You want to be a feminist, but we have to get attention”
68. I’ve dated ugly guys who were funny and smart. YOU’RE A HERO ILIZA!
69. Women are chastised for talking a lot, this comes from caveman hunter and gatherer times and sharing of information
70. She will be a feminist and clarify: it means you want to be treated fairly and a lot of women don’t like to say that they’re feminists because it’s not attractive
71. Portrait of an unattractive woman feminist
72. Wage gap: gotta close it-but let’s start with porn, where a woman kicks in a door and demands oral sex. Sure
73. (She says that’s so gross, OMG that’s awful, that’s so off brand)
74. Have you ever been having sex with your boyfriend and gotten excited because it’s almost done and you can go to the farmer’s market?
75. Don’t talk to your boyfriend after sex
76. Goblin impression callback
77. What women think about during sex (lavender, food, your mom)
78. If you’re not happy, don’t stay in a relationship out of fear of being alone
79. We like to label single women negatively and we have to be kinder to women
80. #fuckbitchesgetmoney (I don’t know what this means)
81. Women spend so much time hating themselves and trying to meet someone and men can relax because they don’t have eggs
82. Shark Tank: I want a live episode of Shark Tank. (Giant act out closer)

OK, all in all- I respect her ability to churn twenty minutes of animated stand up out of a premise I have used as a tag.

She refers to herself as a feminist many times while mocking unattractive women, fat women, and letting women know it’s not OK to be sexual. (She keeps saying this word, feminism. I don’t think it means what she thinks it means.)

However, in this special, it’s true that she only mentions a vagina a couple of times.


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Hey, so I stopped eating meat 30 years ago today and this is what I’ve learned:

If you tell people you had to stop eating meat for health reasons, because you were gonna die if you didn’t stop, that will make them feel better and less mad at you than if you say it’s for moral reasons, which makes them feel bad.

Also Hitler was a sometime vegetarian for health reasons and everyone liked him for it I guess

If you go to someone’s house who eats meat who knows you don’t, they will give you something covered in cheese, because they are not sure what else there is

I have learned that sometimes vegans are strident and annoying but that also sometimes carnivores are strident and annoying and also smell odd

I discourage romantic partners from becoming vegan because when you break up their friends will say how you made them do it and the next time you see them they could be eating a rolled up hamburger patty over a fire and it will be weird

BBQ sauce is still delicious, because it’s really just ketchup and liquid smoke

“Tofurkey” is a spoonerism of Faux Turkey, so you can stop wondering about that

If a business/package/flyer is green, I know it’s probably for vegans, if it’s black it might be for fancy vegans!

I have never, ever, not for one day in the past 30 years, gotten my RDA of protein of 65 grams a day. How am I still alive? God’s will and a miracle I’m sure.

Did you know that every cup in a breakfast place stinks like eggs from the dishwasher? They do!

Did you know that before we had Impossible Burger or garden burger or morningside, we made veggie burgers out of falafel that we made kind of flat?

Did you know that Meat is Murder made me a vegetarian, even though it’s not a very good song and has cow toy noises in it from those little turnover cow things?

Did you know that if a neighborhood has a good coffeeshop, bike lanes, and a vintage store, it must by law have a vegan cafe?

When California was in heavy drought and some restaurants had tabletops suggesting eating vegetarian to save water I laughed I thought I’d die, vegetarians have been saying that for years but we are made out to be pricks for loving almonds

The first vegan I ever met in the world was Derron Pulley, and he ate nothing but fried tofu and brown rice, because we lived in Dallas, and this probably scared me off trying veganism for a decade

Vegetarians think they’re 90% like vegans and vegans think vegetarians are one late lunch from eating cooked ground beef by the handful

Bacon isn’t as funny or as universal a punchline as the internet thinks it is

Everything that the earth makes, that grows from the ground or from the trees is vegan until you start shoving animals into it

Fellow vegetabletarians, what have you learned?

Spot Gratitude!

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Today is the 12th anniversary of my first open mike, under the expert hosting of Kevin-Michael Moore at the Boiler Room in Portland-

Since then, I’ve been booked lots of places by lots of people, and I’m spending this year in gratitude of all the opportunities I’ve had in this business- from backroom bars to club sets to road rooms, you’ve all given me the spots that molded me and shaped my now inscrutable comic persona. I thank you and appreciate you. Some of these people are famous now. Some are dead. Some quit doing comedy. Some have even left Facebook. But I thank all of ’em. If you belong on this list, please DM me so I can make it even better! And thank you!

Jessa Reed
Susan Rice
Andy Wood
Mary Rae Kim
Rich Miller
Mike Jenkins
Adam Cozens
Nick Cobb
David Tribble
Chris Castles
Ian Karmel
Stacey Hallal
Vance Sanders
Jayk Gallagher
Aaron Ross
Mateen Stewart
Samantha Hale
Whitney Streed
Bryan Cook
Laura House
Josh Fisher
Joe Frice
Tuesday Thomas
Michelle March
Jamie Flam
Ryan Stalder
Nina Daniels
Jim Bruce
Ron Reid
Tamra Brown
Whitmer Alexander Thomas
Paige Wesley
Cameron Esposito
Christian Duguay
Jim Hamilton
Caitlin Gill
Joel Mandelkorn
Bobbie Oliver
Megan Koester
Luisa Diaz
Anna Seregina
Sam Varela
Kate Willett
Patrick Susmilch
Sofiya Alexandra
Barry Kolin
Dustin Lane
Kyle Harbert
Tristian Spillman
Vince Caldera
Peter Greyy
Gabby Tary
Alex Hooper
JoAnn Schinderle
Melissa McQueen
Jeremy Wheat
Amy Miller
Lydia Popovitch
Halie Wilson
Pat Wilson
Dax Jordan
Teddy Margas
Joe Quint
Tamra Brown
Pat Dean
Seth Lazear
Emmett Montgomery
Brendan K. O’Grady
Cornelius Peter
Nicole Blaine
Josh Filipowski
Danielle Perez
Madison Shepard
Susanna Lee Lucky-Deluxe
Ed Galvez
Christiana Morgenroth
Nicole Calasich
Jeff May
Joshy Fadem
Andy Iwancio
Brian Cox
Nadav Fleischer
Oscar Sagastume
Alexandra Karova
Jonathan Bradley Welch
Forrest Jackson
Solange Castro
Jeff Snyder
Ellory Smith
Linda Bailey Walsh
Jason Van Glass
Rebecca Leib
Mark Kikel
Mike “Wally” Walters
JC Coccoli
James Fritz
Robyn Morrison
Valerie Tosi
Greg Walloch
Josh Haness
Selene Luna
Todd Masterson
Andy Erickson
Amber Preston
Dwight Slade
Wesley Doloris
Leah Dubie
Bradley Edward
Steve Hernandez
Jim Coughlin
Ron Lynch
Matt Gubser
Andrew Holmgren
Vahé Hove
Molly Fite
Barbara Holm
Rick Taylor
Dave Rankin
Anna Hossnieh
Juan Canopii
Carmen Garrison
Leigh Anne Jasheway
Keith Wallan
Ron Osborne
Dylan Kasprzyk
Aaron Flett
Seth Milstein
Mykle Hansen
Junior High
Laura Hayden
Chuck Watkins
Dave Sirus
Lizzy Pilcher
Steve Benaquist
Paul Danke
Mike O’Connell
Ryan Conner
Jim Hegarty
Joe Manente
Brodie Kelly
Katie Low Strandberg
John Silver
Monique Madrid
David Sharp
Julia Prescott
Andy Sell
Jon Fox
Janine Brito
Sean Joyce
Tony Camin
Kevin Kataoka
Maria Shehata
Brianna Murphy
Chris Riggins
Sunah Bilsted
John Pridmore
Eman El Husseini
Brandie Posey
Olivia Haidar
Gabe Dinger
Phoebe Bottoms
Matt Lewis
Dave Child
Aubrey Jacobowitz
Merrill Davis
Meg Swertlow
Tess Barker
Erin Lampart
Adrienne Airhart
Mikey Scott
Ameen Belbahri
Josh Di Donato
Peter Pinchi
Gloria De Leon
Dante Rusciolelli
Seantos McDonald
Anthony Lopez
The Dan Cossette
Joe Starr
Erin Judge
Natasha Muse
Conrad Roth
Derrick Lemos
Cat Alvarado
Belinda Carroll
Jeff Zamaria
Lisa Best
Brady Echerer
Lee Hinton
Tobie Seth
Azealia Snail
Dan Collins
Erika Abdelatif
Matt Styner
Laurel Pear
Avery Moore
Danny Felts
Sky Grady
April Wolfe
Jay Wendell Walker
Mark Saltveit
Kevin Hyder
Jameson Gong
Christine Nichols
Charles Disney
Barry Neal
Jesse Alison
Bri Pruett
Sarah Dorfmann
Eric Yoder
Barbara Holliday
RuthAnne Haber
Kelly Chambers
Christie Nicholls Nittrouer

Jess Lane

Jackie Kashian’s Dork Forest!

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I got to do an episode of the legendary Dork Forest Podcast with Jackie Kashian, whom I inundate with Labyrinth trivia and try to help figure out the difference between David Bowie and Billy Idol. I love her, I love Labyrinth, and I love all of you. I name check Melissa Hansson and Jemiah Jefferson in this episode! Check it out: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dork-forest/id210939624?mt=2&i=1000402149479

If Jame Gumb Had A Personal Assistant

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MONDAY: It picks up the silk kimonos from the cleaners.  It checks the ticket very, verrry  carefully before it gets back into its Geo Metro, to avoid bringing home the wrong kimonos.  We do not want to punish It like last time.   It’s harder on Us than on It.

TUESDAY: It sorts tax receipts.  It puts mileage receipts in the blue envelope, it puts business purchases in the pink envelope, and it puts tattoo-and-piercing related expenses in a manila envelope.  IT DOES NOT SPEND ALL DAY FUCKING AROUND ON FACEBOOK!  Nobody cares what It ate for lunch, except that the food makes It look and smell disgusting.

WEDNESDAY:  It brings a fruit plate for Jenny’s baby shower.  It chooses a fruit plate with a lot of strawberry and pineapple and not as much melon or kiwi.

THURSDAY:  We apologize for saying that it smells disgusting.  It sometimes does not smell very bad.  We still need It to dust the house, and also to collect all loose teeth into a Mason jar.

FRIDAY: It gets paaaaid.  Yayyyy.  It can buy all the tacky blue mascara and Lee Press-on Nails it wants.  It cashes Its check right away, so that it does not appear outstanding on our bank balance.  It is on call all weekend, so It does not turn Its phone off!  Its phone is never off!

Jackie and Laurie Rule!

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I am a huge fan of Jackie Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin and of their incredible insider/outsider comedy podcast. I am beyond tickled to be this week’s featured comic and demand to be referred to as “Jackie and Laurie Show Comic of the Week Virginia Jones” henceforth. Also, listen to their show! NOW!