Welcome To My Shit List, Tracy

Well, you may not be on all the year-end lists you wanted to be on this season, but here’s a couple lists that you can be glad you’re not on:

People I am Not Speaking To For Sexual Misconduct Reasons
People Who, Although They Did Not Commit Misconduct I Am Aware Of, Defended Other Men To Me, I.E. How Do You Like Your Cosby Now? 
I Am Afraid To Speak To You Because I am Not Sure What You Are Going For Comedically And I’m Sure It Shows 
Comics Who I Unfriended Because Another Comic Asked Me To After A Falling Out And They Are Back To Being Friends Again and I’m Not So Fuck Me 
Comics I Am Scared To Speak To Because I Think I Have Them Confused With Other Comics 
Comics I Refuse To Speak To Because They Hurt My Feelings For Something I Don’t Remember What It Is But I Know It Was Something 
Comics Whom I Basically Like But Had To Turn Off Their Thirst Trap Feed
Comics Who Never Found A Spot For Me On A Show They Stopped Booking Years Ago ( I know I am also on this list)
People I Had A Crush On And Am Embarrassed About 
I Understand That You Do Comedy But Not Why 
I Understand That Other People Find You Funny But I Don’t 
I Envy Your Career But You Close On A Poop Joke 
Comics Who I Am Scared To Speak To Because I Think They’re Mad At Me For Something That I Don’t Remember What It Is 
You Are Too Extra For Me To Personally Cope With And I Feel Guilty But There It Is
General Shit List