Caption These Photos:

I have a cool-ass friend who is doing contract work in Japan, and because he knows I am still obsessed with Gothic Lolitas, he was kind enough to send me photos of Japanese teenagers in full plumage that he took in the park. I have realized too late that I need to develop a skill set that will get me contract work in Tokyo. Anyway, here are the pics, please help me with captions, there are just starters:
1. Yuki’s friend believes that she is pushing a cart in an invisible supermarket. Yuki believes that she is a Scottish show-pony.

1A. Ami’s outfit “American fashion plate” won first prize!

Photo 2: Two tiny maids wish they were cool enough to hang out with Blue Blocker-wearing nerd when it’s not photo time.

2A: Tourists from Hokkiado are soooo easily amused.

Photo #3: You have to be careful, because when the combination of dreadlocks and platforms results in nose breakage, people tend to point and laugh.

3A: Worst mashup ever – Rasta-goth.

Photo 4: Hey, that’s my pose! Bitch stole my pose!

4A: Hot ghoul-on-ghoul action.

Thanks to the Sizzler for playing!