We’re Baaack!

The spouse and I have just returned from a trip to NYC, celebrating the occasion of our fourth wedding anniversary. I don’t think it’s so impressive that we have been married four years so much that it’s been consecutive. I celebrated a lot of it by following him from record store to record store to record /br /One of the high points of the trip for me was seeing Alan Cumming, Cyndi Lauper, and Nellie McKay in the Threepenny Opera. Alan shocked everyone by playing Mack the Knife as if he were a bisexual hustler, or as if he were still in Cabaret. Nellie was fantastic as Lucy, and Cyndi looked mighty foxy in her Pirate Jenny hooker-wear. Costume design by Isaac Mizrahi, who is a hack. I could put rubber pants and a priest’s collar on a chorus member as well as anyone. We had a great time attending a party for the Ron and Fez XM radio show, and one thing led to another and we sat in on the show the following Tuesday. I really enjoyed it, despite being nervous, and if I had not looked at the message boards for that show immediately afterwards I never would have realized that I am am unfunny asshole.

Here is Ron imagining himself as a baby chef, from a bit he did on the show I sat in on, pic courtesy Photoshop Mike./ppbr /Our only surprise celebrity sighting this trip was Russell Simmons, enjoying a vegan brunch with an attractive young lady the day before his break with Kimora broke in that bastion of newsworthiness, the New York Post. Beloved Spouse thinks he saw Karlheinz Stockhausen, but he frequently /br /Another feature of the trip was seeing the Munch exhibit at MOMA, and you may think you’ve seen a lot of Munch, but it included a painting that was just discovered in 2004. It looks like a nightmare Gauguin, and when’s the last time that lazy, dead Norwegian painted anything new?

We enjoyed hanging out with our gracious hosts and some other friends, and we got to see Stephin Merritt at his DJ night at the Beauty Bar, where we were showered with candy and girl-group hits, so it was really a nice time all around. When we landed, it was 65 and sunny, and when we left six days later, it snowed for an hour, so we enjoyed a lot of variety.