Hardcore Metal!

I love capsule toys, and really any purchase that makes you stack up quarters together, except laundry, because cleanliness is for goobers. This machine at Fry’s electronics caught my eye- not just because I could buy such “metal” accessories as a pair of brass knuckles sized for a three-year old, or a “punk” dog collar, but also because apparently Robert Smith (visible in the upper right hand corner) is now the king of Hard Core Metal. There is also a nice reflection of B.S.*, wearing The World’s Most Decrepit Smiths shirt. Young people, I didn’t mean to confuse you- Robert Smith is the lead singer of the Cure, not the Smiths. Morrissey, the lead singer of the Smiths, is the only person in the world who would be a more hilarious representative of Hard Core /br /br /*Spouse