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Halloween In Negative

The Origin: I knew I wanted to do a costume without a lot of background explanation, as previous years ( a lady from a Toulouse-Lautrec painting, the queen of the Forbidden Zone, Leigh Bowery) have required Powerpoint and Youtube videos to be shown to drunks.  What could be simpler than being myself for Halloween?  I really liked this costume from last year that went around the Internet, The Greyscales, of a group of three people painted not just in black and white, but in the shades of grey of old photos and newspapers.
I started off with my headshot, (above) inverted, and tried to color match to come up with my costume:     When it’s photographed and inverted, it looks like:   Me!  With creepy doll eyes!   What it took: A Cosplay wig, a white dress, scleral contacts (not as comfortable as they look!) an airbrush, and two ounces of bodypaint.  And the will to do it! My favorite part is taking pictures with other people, (In this case, my very funny friend Mike Drucker), and then when it’s inverted: Boom!  Mike looks weird, and I look normal!  Totally, totally normal.  As normal as pie!

7 thoughts on “Halloween In Negative

  1. That is excellent! Were you leaving black fingerprints on everything? I sent this post to the three folks who constitute the art department at the paper and they got a big kick out of it.

  2. Hey, wow. That turned out pretty neat. Good job you. Also, yay no blackface. I’m afraid in my excitement I used one of your photos (fully credited) in a post of mine. I’ll of course take it down if you want. Its such a great photo! Well impressive.

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