Bloodmeadow Portrait!

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An amazing birthday portrait of myself as Bloodmeadow by Monsieur Pete Ellison, the very talented wunderkind at!  And when’s the last time you watched an episode of GOTHIXXX?  Probably too long!

Postscript: Here it is printed and framed in a lovely frame  I stole from an Oscars party- You can get your own print of Bloodmeadow enjoying a Slurpee and haunted by ghosts here!

Halloween 2013: God Save the Queen!

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This year I decided to find a new “sexy” costume, so I went with the dowager Queen Victoria. She wore mourning black for forty years after the death of her beloved consort Prince Albert.  She was the first Royal to be photographed, and believed that cosmetics were for prostitutes and actresses. Is there really a difference?

The high point of my Halloweek was visiting Emo Philips, and he seemed very pleased to meet Sexy Queen Victoria.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Vampirism’s Downside

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When I was young, full of hormones and Anne Rice novels, I wanted to be a vampire, because living forever would be GREAT. I would get multiple opportunities to make out with David Bowie, for one. I had watched the Hunger so many times that I wore out the rental tape from the Blockbuster in Plano, Texas.   (As you know, all the most sinister people rent from Blockbuster). 

If I were a wampyr,  I would feel powerful and important and I would save a lot of money on food, and I would outlive all of my enemies- except for the very small percentage of them that also became vampires.  When life feels like it’s full of infinite possibilities and people and combinations, this is an attractive concept.  There will never be enough time to read all you want to read and see all you want to see.

 Twenty years later, you couldn’t pay me to be a dirty stinking vampire!  If I’m this sick of humanity and media right now, how bad would it be at 500?  There’s only fifteen different kinds of people in the world, and I’m sick to death of fourteen of them-  Also, if I lived forever, how many Spiderman remakes would I have to endure?  Who am I going to talk to?  Already, my interests and music references are met with blank looks of incomprehension by young people in bars.  What about the little girl vampire in Let The Right One In?  Two hundred years old, and all she gives a shit about is sucking blood and working a Rubik’s cube!  Who’s gonna talk to me about Robyn Hitchcock and Twin Peaks and Heathers in a hundred years?  Huh?  Answer me, goddammit!

Ground Control Karaoke

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Dear Los Angeles Karaoke Nerds;

I hope you know that the finest karaoke in LA is to be found in the Ground Control book curated by the awesome Andrew Paul Holguin, appearing Tuesdays at Offbeat in Highland Park- are you aware that this is a tight, super-weird, nerd-friendly book?  That there’s a Smiths list as long as your arm?   That the crowd is patient and endlessly supportive?  It starts around nine and ends when the fun stops, which is never!  Here’s a short list of a few of my favorite songs.  Ground Control, thanks for letting me sing G.G. Allin’s I Kill Everything I Fuck, which was my prom theme.  Weird songs!  Weird people!  Good Times!

Arctic Monkeys-R U Mine

Black Keys-Gold On The Ceiling

Cramps- Goo Goo Muck

Current 93-Crowleymass

Daft Punk-Get Lucky

David Bowie- Moonage Daydream

Deniece Williams-Let’s Hear It for the Boy

Duffy- Mercy

Editors- Munich

GG Allin-I Kill Everything I Fuck


Hole- Violet

INXS-Listen Like Thieves

La’s-There She Goes

Leonard Cohen-Future

Mark Ronson Feat Amy Winehouse-Valerie

Nick Cave-Jubilee Street

Nick Cave-Mercy Seat

Patti Smith-Because The Night

Pixies- Hey (Baby Ketten Version)

Psychic TV- Godstar

Pulp- This is Hardcore

Radiohead-Exit Song (From A Film)

Robert Palmer- I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On

Sam And Dave-Soul Man


Sly Foxx-Let’s Go All The Way

Soft Cell- Bedsitter

Smiths-Headmaster Ritual

Smiths- What Difference Does It Make?

Space-Female of the Species

Sparks-This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us

Suede-Beautiful Ones

Television-Torn Curtain

Tom Waits-I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You

Velvet Underground-Heroin

White Stripes- My Doorbell

Will Smith-Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It

Wombats-Let’s Dance To Joy Division

Yazoo-Bad Connection