GOTHIXXX rides again

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Photo and Alteration by Lizzy Pilcher

A little dead bird has told me that the second episode of Gothixxx has been recorded and is being processed, so start shining up your pointiest shoes and tightlace your corset, which really doesn’t look as good as you think it does, because it mostly just makes your bottom look even larger than it was before.  Click on the photo to see the full size version, but remember, we’ll eat your soul.

Halloween In Negative

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The Origin: I knew I wanted to do a costume without a lot of background explanation, as previous years ( a lady from a Toulouse-Lautrec painting, the queen of the Forbidden Zone, Leigh Bowery) have required Powerpoint and Youtube videos to be shown to drunks.  What could be simpler than being myself for Halloween?  I really liked this costume from last year that went around the Internet, The Greyscales, of a group of three people painted not just in black and white, but in the shades of grey of old photos and newspapers.
I started off with my headshot, (above) inverted, and tried to color match to come up with my costume:     When it’s photographed and inverted, it looks like:   Me!  With creepy doll eyes!   What it took: A Cosplay wig, a white dress, scleral contacts (not as comfortable as they look!) an airbrush, and two ounces of bodypaint.  And the will to do it! My favorite part is taking pictures with other people, (In this case, my very funny friend Mike Drucker), and then when it’s inverted: Boom!  Mike looks weird, and I look normal!  Totally, totally normal.  As normal as pie!

Hack the TEMPTU

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OK, this post is pretty specific.

I have been working on how to refill the TEMPTU pods with more dramatic makeup and wanted to share my results. This post probably won’t be interesting if you don’t use airbrush makeup and aren’t a goth with time on their hands. I will, however, show you how to airbrush a spider on your face. Also, please don’t look into the infinity of the mirrored hallways. You may travel backwards or forwards in time, but I really have no way of knowing which.

Update:  As per commenter Jon, hooking up the pro SP-35 to the pod system is easy- The hose that comes with the pod system has a large flange at the end that plugs into the wand. Just cut off that flange and press the hose right onto the barbed connector that comes with the SP-35. Works great.  Thanks to Jon!

Updated Updates: I ordered the new SE-50 lightweight gravity-fed gun for $75, and it has options for attaching to either the Temptu compressor or the Pro- Free yourself from the Pod and let go!

Temptu is now offering a package of hose adaptors here, let’s go crazy!

Updated Updates Updates: Now that Temptu is no longer at Sephora, if you buy the Pod system on Ebay and cut off the hose, you can use any airbrush gun and have a pretty cheap makeup airbrush system! 

Take a bit of time to experiment, so far no liquid makeup has worked as well as the Temptu makeup, but I’m sure you’ll find some!  The best consistency for base, highlighter, and color is  the consistency of half and half or whole milk- a little thicker than milk and not as thick as cream…

  I have owned two of the Temptu-sponsored airbrushes and can advise that  SE 50 is smaller and more lightweight, the smaller size means it’s a little more fussy/needs to be really DETAIL CLEANED over the big old SP35, which is better for body art and large areas-

Also, my new favorite thing to do with my airbrush is to paint my eyebrows on- find a nice brown color two shades darker than your hair and spray paint them on!  It looks so graphic!

Do You Really, Realistically, Think You Can Avoid: Harem Pants?

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From May 2010

That is to say, do you think there’s any way you can get around wearing Harem pants, which were called Dhoti pants last time they came around, and later, pejoratively, Hammer pants?  Do you think you’re strong enough?

Will.I.Am is wearing them in Usher’s video about a woman whose boobies are so hot he has to say “Oh, My GOSH” repeatedly.

Gaultier and Levi’s have gotten together to make some.

Every man, woman, and child in Hong Kong is wearing them as if there is no other kind of pant available.

Hong Kong is so trend-conscious that you hit the street and see the same Comme De Garcons t-shirt twenty times and think, did I miss a memo?

2014 Postscript: According to the kids auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance, you can’t avoid Harem pants.  Nobody can. They call them Joggers though, which is dumb because no way should you jog in them.

Grimly Fiendish

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In case you are sitting on lots of holiday cash and don’t know what to do, I wanted to point out that Dave Vanian of seminal (huh huh) punk band The Damned has co-founded a high-end goffic makeup line called Illamasqua. Who better to do it than Dave? He’s been blending clown white and smudging black liner since Billy Joe Armstrong’s parents argued over whether the condom would hold. Anyway, Dave’s makeup line is is the culmination of my dreams in many ways.
Awesome things about Dave:

1. He is married to Patricia Morrison, formerly the bassist of Sisters of Mercy, and together they are the gothest couple ever. Everyone else should give up.

2. He once threatened to beat the tar out of Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy, for copying his “Vampire schtick”, not realizing that there was enough of it to go around for the UK, Germany, and the States for many years to come.

3. I have been in love with him, body and soul, since I was fifteen years old. All five foot six of him.

4. Screw you, Patricia Morrison!