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Virginia Jones is both the best and worst thing: a woman with an opinion. Her comedy is intellectual, philosophical, absurd, and has a lot of animals in it. She came up in Portland, OR, where she returns to do the Bridgetown and All Jane Festivals, and as a feature at Helium comedy club-with great talents like Arj Barker, Sebastian Maniscalco, and David Koechner. This year, she has also toured on the road with great comics like Myq Kaplan and Auggie Smith.
She was a semifinalist in the 2013 San Francisco comedy competition, a rare achievement for a comp that last saw a woman win in 1979. Her monthly, GLENDALIA, was applauded in the LA weekly. She works up and down the west coast, killing in clubs, alt rooms, and casinos alike, but has also done great East Coast shows like DC’s Big Hunt, New York’s Eastville, and ImprovBoston. She has a YouTube channel with 80K hits,a website with millions of visitors, and is a contributor to hot internet properties like Buzzfeed and Love.TV.

Virginia Jones believes comedy is an artform, and has left her humpin’ stool at home.

PANDORA: “Virginia Jones’ comedy features humorously dim-witted logic, a sarcastic, self-deprecating delivery, jokes about animals and personal relationships.”

“The one person on the bill that everyone always talks about is Virginia Jones.”- Dwight Slade

“Yay so good!” – Maria Bamford

“Really funny, really good stuff”- David Koechner

“You’re really funny”- Arj Barker

“I really enjoyed you.” – Pete Holmes

“You’re getting hard to follow.  I hate you.”- Tim Harmston

“Virginia is the smart-ass with the heart of gold- she’s the best of the best and wickedly funny always”-Robert Buscemi

“I’ve known her for a clean decade, I’ve taken her on the road and she came to my wedding, but I couldn’t be bothered to take a second to write her a goddamned blurb”- Auggie Smith

Her album, GOTHIC AMERICAN, was included on Best of 2016 lists by WhoHaHa and the Portland Mercury!

Top Album Review for Gothic American:


“Artful comedy with soul- Virginia knows who she is.  Her comedy is exactly what good art should be, the sum total of the artists’ experience, soaked in impactful emotions and presented with a cohesive voice honed from years of focus and dedication to the form.  Virginia’s fans know, and now you can learn just how smart, funny and willing to poke fun at herself this jewel of the comedy scene is.  Even her dick jokes are original!  Do you know how hard that is?  Buy this album!”

Commercial Agent: Sarah Angeli, Commercial Talent

Theatrical Manager: E85 Theatrical

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Appearances include:

Outburst Comedy Club, Kansas City (HEADLINER)
Crackers Comedy Club, Indianapolis (FEATURE)
Helium Comedy Club, Portland, OR (FEATURE)
Seattle Underground, Seattle, WA (FEATURE)
Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Portland
All Jane No Dick, Portland
Bumbershoot Music Festival, Seattle
Santa Cruz Comedy Festival

Ladies Are Funny Fest, Austin

Women In Comedy Festival, Boston
Vegan Comedy Festival with Myq Kaplan
39th San Francisco International Comedy Competition- Semi-Finalist
31st Seattle International Comedy Competition- Quarter-Finalist
Portland Comedy Competition – 1st Runner-Up